We are happy to present the new look of VCCircle, your favourite website for news, analysis and views related to investments in India. 

The new look was much needed as the last time we had undertaken a redesign was two and a half years ago. There were a lot of loose ends and rough edges. We needed to make the site look better, help you access the content in a better way, and add more features and offerings. (All regular readers, please clear your browser cache so that you can view the new site fully.) 

So, what is new? One is blogs. Interestingly, VCCircle started as a blog in November 2005, and later it changed its character to a news website both in its writing style and also in look and feel in August 2008, when we undertook our last redesign.

We dont want to forget our roots. In blogs, you can air your thoughts much more freely, become a little less reverent and also take a stand which we may be constrained to do when we report on the main news pages of the site. Also blogs are reappearing as a separate section on the website - more as a community platform where we will have guest bloggers blog their views on the Indian and global investment space.

The blogs home is

That said, we will continue to have our column section - which is retitled as By Invitation. This will have much more formal expression of opinion on issues - unlike a blog. You get the drift.

The other new feature is video. We have tonnes of video interviews, shows and shoots of our events which are known for high quality content. We will showcase videos on the homepage itself, and for more you can go to our Youtube channel (

We have retitled interviews as well which will be called In Conversation, and they are prominently displayed at the centre of the home page. Indepth has assumed much trendier name of Insight. And what is Insight? It's a section for well researched articles, studies and papers to find a larger audience.

Overall, we have tried to make the website much more reader friendly, cleaner and easy on eyes. Hope you like it. This is an ongoing process. You will find more changes and more offerings and features from us in the next few weeks.

Before signing off, we would like to thank Arjun Chatterjee and Nilesh Mhatre of Runtime Solutions for coping up with us on this redesign project, and for excellent cooperation of Tarun Dua of E2E Networks Pvt Ltd, with whom we host our websites.

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