Global CEOs bullish on business growth: KPMG survey

Global CEOs are confident about the growth prospects of their businesses over the next three years and 80 per cent of them have bullish hiring outlook for this period, says a KPMG study.

According to a study released by KPMG International, chief executives of global businesses are confident about the ability of their companies to grow over the next three years and are expressing confidence about the prospects for the global economy.

"The overall message we've gotten from CEOs around the globe, is that they are positive about their prospects over the next three years, and importantly that they are looking to hire more people," KPMG International Global Chairman John Veihmeyer said.

Most importantly, CEOs globally are set to hire, with 78 per cent of respondents indicating they are expecting to be in hiring mode through mid-2018.

Moreover, there is a more positive change in confidence versus the prior year. In assessing their own company's growth prospects, 70 per cent of European CEOs, 68 per cent of Asia Pacific CEOs and 19 per cent of US CEOs indicated they are more confident than a year ago.

Commenting on the study, Richard Rekhy, CEO of KPMG in India, said, "The country is on a growth trajectory and although faced with challenges of changing customer expectations and change management, CEOs are focused on strengthening operational efficiencies to ensure well-being of their businesses." 

The report noted that the top three issues that have the greatest impact on their company's prospects and performance, were 'global economic growth,' followed closely by the 'regulatory environment,' and 'disruptive technology.'

The survey covered 1,278 CEOs in 10 markets (Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK and US) and nine key industry sectors.

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