When people have queries, this company claims to have all the information they require. Culling information and answering queries happen to be the business at ZatSe.in (one may be reminded of Mumbai-based Just Dial Ltd which offers similar services), run by Noida-based Majestic IT Services Ltd, a subsidiary of the public-listed auto component firm Majestic Auto.

Currently operational in Delhi-NCR and funded by the Mujals (of Hero Group fame, but the family has now split amicably and members pursue their own businesses), this Internet brand is all set to expand pan-India by the end of 2012 and is also looking at fundraising which could be 20 per cent more than its competitors (again, one is reminded of Justdial which has raised Rs 327 crore or $57 million from Sequoia Capital and SAP Ventures in one of the one of the largest ever pre-IPO round of VC funding).

ZatSe claims to have a few thousand of SMES as its listed partners through whom information services are provided. It covers varied segments – from education to healthcare and food to utilities – and users can post their queries either on the site or via voice calls to 68006800. The company also wants to evolve into a virtual marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers.

Techcircle.in caught up with Ashima Munjal, managing director of ZatSe, who discussed the company’s expansion plans, fundraising, revenue model and challenges of scaling up. But most essentially, she feels that external investors will be valuable for the company. “Raising funds from external investors will add value to our business – not just because of the money but because of their relevant experience in the field,” she added. Watch the video excerpts to know more.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)

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