BCCI to announce bid winners for IPL’s TV and digital rights today
Photo Credit: Reuters

The Board of Control for Cricket in India will announce the names of bid winners for TV and digital rights of annual event Indian Premier League (IPL) today, a day after the rights were sold for Rs 44,075 crore. 

Despite the fact that the names of the bid winners have not been officially confirmed, media reports imply that Sony secured TV rights for ₹23,575 crore and Viacom18 won digital rights for ₹20,500 crore. Some media reports have also claimed Star to have won the bid instead of Sony.  

BCCI is holding the e-auction for the next five years of media rights for the Indian Premier League (IPL) (2023-27). On June 12, the first-ever media rights e-auction for the IPL began. The process was expected to take time, and the eventual bidders’ names were thought not to be revealed for several days.

 However, it seems like things will be much clearer on the third day on June 14. 

The Indian broadcast rights for each match were sold for Rs 57.5 crores, while the internet rights were sold for Rs 50 crores. Each match is worth 107.5 crore in TV and digital rights combined. 

On June 13, the bidding for non-exclusive rights and foreign broadcasting rights began. The bidding procedure, as expected, proved to be extended and would continue on June 14. ANI sources say the non-exclusive rights proposal is worth ₹17 crore each game. The BCCI previously established the basic price at Rs 16 crore. With an entire day in hand, the winners may well be decided today itself for the said categories. 

In 2017, Star paid the BCCI ₹16,347 crore. The BCCI was expected to earn at least twice as much money this season because the base price of IPL media rights is 32,890 crore. Now that TV and digital rights have been auctioned for 44,075 crore, the BCCI is on course to collect significantly more than 50,000 crore (almost three times what Star paid in 2017).

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