Anand Ladsariya

Managing director of exporter Everest Flavours Ltd, Anand Ladsariya was introduced to India’s angel investment circuit three years ago. So far, Ladsariya has bet on 27-30 start-ups across India, Singapore and the USA, and is actively exploring investments in more countries. He is a part of Indian Angel Network (IAN) and the Planning Commission’s Committee on Angel Investment and Early Stage Venture Capital.

Just like other angel investors, Ladsariya has some advice for start-ups. “The opportunities in India are immense at this stage. So start-ups should work for the long run, and keep good ethics and growth in mind,” he says.

continuous fundraising. They should focus on growth and more importantly, on sales. But the business model must not be based on funding plans. Be self-sufficient, that’s his bottom line.

Investment DNA

Preferred Sectors: Sector-agnostic. He has invested across education, mobile, telecom, IT, consulting, branding, defence and retail space. Does not prefer hi-tech companies and only co-invests in them if another investor is ready to lead the round.

Preferred Location: Prefers Mumbai-based companies which are actively mentored, but funded start-ups in other locations.

Involvement: Mostly ‘hands-off’ mode – writes a cheque and forgets about it. Ladsariya has two people working on investments and start-ups. Of the 27-30 companies he has invested in, 3-5 are actively managed.

Key Investments: Around 27-30 companies, such as Onward Mobility, Reverse Logistics Corporation,, Asiatic Serial Innovation, Talent Bridge, Wild East, No Paper Form, Mobiquest, Algorhythm and Svasti Microfinance.

Hits & Misses: Onward Mobility, and Reverse Logistics Corp were hits in terms of exits. For the rest, there has been no exit yet.

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