Paradigm shift in healthcare delivery models – Bringing in consumerism: Hear views @ News Corp VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit 2016

Any healthcare model is efficient only if it is customer-centric and is able to provide affordable, accessible and timely services to people. While the government initiatives are helping bridge the gap between demand and supply in healthcare, it is also the right time for entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders to come together and draw up a plan to provide customer-centric services to larger masses.

The traditional healthcare delivery model in India has got a major fillip with the inception of tech-based health solutions which are flooding the healthcare market in India.

Further, growing awareness about quality healthcare, ageing demographics and preventive care are augmenting the push towards a consumer-centric healthcare delivery model. What India is looking towards is a much needed transition, where an engaged, empowered and educated customer is at the centre of the system driving the growth and innovative pitch within the healthcare sector.

Such a paradigm shift necessitates an industry platform to deliberate the evolving dynamics enabling the rise of consumer-centric healthcare models. With this in purview, News Corp VCCircle is hosting the 8th edition of the Healthcare Summit on 21 and 22 September in Mumbai. The summit will host senior industry leaders, investors and experts to discuss challenges and solutions in creating a customer-centric healthcare delivery model. The discussions will provide an overview on the current trends and innovations in the healthcare services space. 

Industry experts on the panel:

- Velumani Arokiaswamy, CEO, Thyrocare

- Om Manchanda, CEO, Dr Lal PathLabs

- Vivek Desai, CEO, Hosmac India Pvt Ltd

- Kiran Anandampillai, Founder & CEO, Drishti

- Prashant Jain, Director, o3 Capital

Other key topics to be discussed at the summit:

  • The Indian healthcare industry: Where is the value creation happening?
  • Rural vs urban: Strategies to bridge the gap
  • Reverse pitch: Sectors that investors are closely watching
  • Single specialty space: Opportunities and challenges
  • Secrets of success and future of tertiary care
  • Affordability, accessibility, awareness and availability – Impact of the 4As on the evolution of healthcare in India
  • Is consolidation and diversification the way forward for mature healthcare players?
  • Innovation and trends to watch out for in 2016-17
  • Smart hospitals: What will hospitals of future look like?
  • Healthcare analytics: The net game-changer for the Indian healthcare industry
  • Breakthrough tech innovation in pharma: R&D, delivery chains and investments

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