Online learning platform Harappa appoints its first operations head
Nikhil Gumbhir, chief operations officer, Harappa

Harappa, an online learning platform focused on behavioural, social and cognitive skilling, on Tuesday said it has appointed Nikhil Gumbhir as its new chief operations officer (COO).

Gumbhir will be leading the spectrum of activities that the customer experience (ECX) team is currently conducting, besides the additional responsibility of managing product and leading customer retention.

Gumbhir began his career as a software engineer at Infosys. He has served in leadership roles with companies like Nspira Management Services and upskilling platform, Simplilearn.

“I have always believed that a product’s success is guided by three key principles — customer experience, learning innovation, and execution excellence. Essentially, I’ve built my career using thrive skills at work and want to experience different formats of online learning. So, this is my chance to use that passion along with those insights to build a great learning product. This role gives me the chance of using my passion and interest in product-led growth to help scale the business,” Gumbhir said.

Founded in 2018 by Pramath Raj Sinha and Shreyasi Singh, Harappa targets young professionals regardless of their area of specialization. The company operates on three models - it ties up with colleges to improve students’ communication skills and get them workplace ready. It also works with large and medium-scale firms to help their employees improve their skills. Harappa also caters directly to individual learners.

Shreyasi Singh, founder and CEO of Harappa said, “Nikhil is our first homegrown CXO and it’s been wonderful to see how much he and Harappa have meant to each other over the past three years that he has been with us. His consistent pushback and steady critiques have personally pushed my thinking and his custodianship of our learners and clients is a genuine source of pride. On the enterprise side, we strive to continuously elevate learner and customer experience and on the consumer side we need to deploy the strengths and expertise we have already demonstrated for our enterprise and institutional cohorts and client.” 

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