India and China are both vast countries just opening to development, filled with opportunity and risk for private equity investors. Inevitably, the two countries' rising economic fortunes invite debate over which offers the better climate for investment. As the two biggest markets of growth in Asia today, how do China and India compare side-by-side and what are the similarities and differences between Asia's billion-plus-consumer markets? Experienced PE investors will discuss the following issues specific to China and India.

- China or India : which is the better long term investment bet?

- How India's "soft" attributes, such as a democratic government and a free press that is rooting out corruption, outweighs China's more impressive investments in "hard" infrastructure such ports, plants, and transportation systems.

- What are the risks and benefits of dealing with regional governments?

- Will lion's share of funds go to China riding on its stellar exits and huge private equity returns?

- Can India's local domestic markets be deep enough as the Chinese RMB markets to become a source of external fund raising?

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