IBM unveils POWER9 server chip for AI, deep learning
Photo Credit: Reuters

Tech giant IBM Inc. has unveiled a processor specifically built to compute intensive artificial intelligence workloads and support deep learning.

The new POWER9 processor improves the training time of deep-learning frameworks by nearly four times, allowing enterprises to build more accurate AI applications faster, IBM claimed in a statement on Wednesday.

Deep learning is a fast-growing machine learning method that extracts information by crunching through millions of processes and statistics to detect and rank the most important aspects of the data.

Viswanath Ramaswamy, IBM’s India and South Asia director of systems for cloud and cognitive, said that the POWER9 processor will be a “game-changer” for AI and deep learning workloads.

“The new processor delivers on unprecedented cognitive capabilities and can help Indian enterprises across all verticals to transform and up-scale their AI and machine learning journey,” he said.

POWER9, as per IBM, is at the heart of data-intensive supercomputers that US Department of Energy and companies such as Google are using. POWER9 is likely to be commercially available by the end of the year.

Apart from the chip, the company rolled out POWER9-based AC922 Power Systems servers that are much faster than previous servers. It said that data scientists can now build applications faster, ranging from deep learning insights in scientific research, real-time fraud detection and credit risk analysis.

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