HSBC India I-banking head quits to form M&A advisory JV with Dinesh Kanabar
Dinesh Kanobar and Sunil Sanghai

Former KPMG India top executive Dinesh Kanabar and HSBC Holdings Plc’s India investment banking head Sunil Sanghai have joined hands to form an investment banking joint venture.

The partnership aims at bringing together advisory and capital markets expertise, including complex mergers and acquisitions deals, Kanabar, who founded Dhruva Advisors LLP, said in a statement.

Dhruva is a tax and regulatory consulting firm which Kanabar formed after ending his four-year stint with the Big Four consulting firm.

Sanghai resigns after having spent seven years at HSBC. He previously worked with US investment banking firms Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

“Clients will be served with uncompromising professional excellence and creative imagination. We would rather be the best, be known for our integrity, which is the core of such a business, rather than be the biggest,” Kanabar said, adding that founders’ experience will be the key differentiator in the JV’s offerings.

The partnership aims to add innovative solutions and offerings, drawing on the duo’s diverse expertise acquired while serving a spectrum of industries and companies at various stages of development.

The venture is looking to offer financing solutions that will help investors and business heads in an ever-changing business environment influenced by technology, globalisation, changing demographics and economic reforms, the statement said.

“The synergy of advisory skills that the two partners bring will enable firms to avail of their expert guidance on designing unique capital structures in ways that it optimises returns,” it said.

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