At VCCircle’s flagship Healthcare Investment Summit 2020, Satish Chander, Partner, True North spoke with Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital in an engaging fireside chat on ‘Healthcare through the Investor Lens 2020/21’.

At True North, Satish is presently responsible for investments in the healthcare sector. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from IIT, Chennai, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM, Kolkata. Prior to joining True North, Satish had six years of experience working with Tata Motors, Accenture, and JP Morgan in India.

Satish, in conversation with Shalil, presented an overview of healthcare investments in India from the investors’ perspective and spoke about how Healthcare once viewed as a fragmented industry with many challenges is now undergoing rapid digitization which is increasing the demand and expectations from informed and connected consumers. This creates a very lucrative investment opportunity in the healthcare sector. Nevertheless, this is not just about investments but also about having an impact socially. To achieve this, more and more innovation is required across different sub-segments of the industry.

Quoting Satish, “Healthcare, including pharma, has been a focus sector for True North and many other PE investors in India. Over the last few years, healthcare providers have focused on profitability and have held back fresh investment for creating capacity – leading to fewer opportunities for PE investors to fund. In the same time, few segments of pharma have seen significant opportunities. Domestic formulation market has seen strong growth and offered investment opportunities. Pharma manufacturing, including API, CDMO and complex formulations such as biosimilars, has seen tailwinds as global pharma companies look at India for diversifying their supply chain locations. This 2-3 year trend has further been boosted by the covid situation. Hence a large proportion of PE investments have been in pharma. Another area of investments have been in the healthtech space where PE has funded technology based healthcare solutions.”

Watch the episode to know more about healthcare through the investor lens.

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