Two days left for VCC Hyderabad Investment Forum; Full agenda, speaker list; Rush your registration

VCCircle Hyderabad Investment Forum 2012 to be held on Oct. 11 at ISB campus will help discover Andhra's finest entrepreneurs and put together an esteemed gathering of 300+ representatives comprising CEOs, top investors and the key ecosystem participants. The summit is a follow on to its previous successful edition, which helped chart a road map for the investment ecosystem in navigating through Andhra's vibrant ecosystem 

The summit will kick start with a keynote fireside chat featuring industry leaders, who will help discover the entrepreneurial DNA of the state along with spotting the opportunities in the various niches of the state's ecosystem. The summit will host conversations & debates on opportunities in local healthcare and infrastructure sectoral market. With a special panel covering hot themes attractive for entrepreneurship for startups, the discussions will evaluate exciting sectors including SaaS, mobile, e-commerce and digital content. The forum will also host an inspiring entrepreneur tale on how he started, raised funding and scaled up, stories that have redefined the spirit of entrepreneurship in the state.

Here is preview of the full day agenda:

8:30am to 9:30am

Tea & Registration

9:30am – 9:40am

Introduction Note

9:40am to 10:20am

Fireside Chat: Rediscovering Andhra’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem & Opportunities

What is the uniqueness of the entrepreneurial DNA in Andhra? Which sectors would witness a slew of entrepreneurial activities and where is the Andhrapreneurial wave headed? What is Andhra’s potential for more of large marquee private equity and M&A deals? Where does Andhra stand in terms of ease of nurturing and scaling businesses? How is the Andhra ecosystem absorbing new age businesses? Is corporate transparency a subject of much concern and talks at the negotiation table?

Aluri Srinvasa Rao - MD, Morgan Stanley Private Equity (Moderator)

Devendra Surana - MD, Bhagyanagar India Limited

Vijay Mahajan - MD, Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Ltd

10:20am to 11:20am

Panel I: Raising Private Equity Capital & Business Transformation

Which sectors and stages in businesses appeal to private equity investors? What do private equity investors look for in a company before investing? Which are the new and emerging attractive sectors in Hyderabad attracting investor eyeballs? Private equity’s role in business development & transformation. Apart from money, what other inputs & value additions do private equity managers bring to the table? Developing company financial information, moving from non-formal business practices to formal business practices. What are the challenges in valuation and how can both promoters and investors align their interests? How to overcome the difficulties in signing term sheets?

Deepak Shahdadpuri - Founder & MD, Beacon India Private Equity (Moderator)

Richard B. Saldanha - Executive Director, Blackstone

Sunil Kolangara - Partner, Ascent Capital

Sandeep Reddy - MD, Peepul Capital Advisors

11:20am to 11:35am

Tea & Networking

11:35am - 11:55am

Legal Presentation: Understanding Legal Aspects Involved In Debt & Equity Fund Raising For Companies

Anjuli Sivaramakrishnan - Partner, Kochhar & Co

11:55am to 12:45pm

Panel II: VCCircle Red-hot: Infrastructure, Roads, Ports, Power & Cleantech

Hyderabad’s most prolific infrastructure companies and investors will talk about raising capital, deploying funds, earning profits, covering forex and operational risks, volatility in raw materials and, chasing the strategic vision. How these firms seized M&A opportunities, bid for large projects, achieved financial closure and grew scale.

Mudit Kapoor - Assistant Professor, Economics & Public Policy, Indian School of Business (Moderator)

Suresh Chukkapalli - Founder Chairman, Phoenix Group

Sudesh Menon - CEO, Waterlife India Pvt. Ltd

S.R.B.Ramesh Chandra- Managing Director, Bheema Cements Ltd.

12:45pm to 2:00pm

Lunch & Networking

1:00pm to 2:00pm

VCCircle Lounge

VCCircle Lounge is a new initiative from VCCircle where companies and investors can meet and network in a structured manner in a separate enclosure. Here companies can make their elevator pitch to a group of select investors, while investors can sell their funds to India's fastest growing enterprises.

2:00pm to 3:00pm

Panel III: Raising Venture Capital & Angel Investor Money

How to get VC and angel funding for your startup? What are the dos & don'ts of before approaching an angel or a seed-stage investor? How much of the company should an entrepreneur be ready to dissolve while raising early funding? How does Hyderabad fare in terms of successful investments?

Sateesh Andra - Managing Partner, Ventureast (Moderator)

Karthee Mandasamy - MD, Qualcom Ventures

Raj Seelam - MD, Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy - MD, Citadel Research and Solutions

J A Chowdary - Angel investor

3:00pm to 3:30pm

Entrepreneur Story

Venture capital-funded Vamshi Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Apalya Technologies will make an address on:

- Apalya’s early days and business model

- Significant milestones

- Growth path and projections

- How Apalya raised VC funding and scaled

3:30pm - 3:45pm

Tea & Networking

3:45pm 4:30pm

Panel IV: VCCircle Red-hot: Healthcare & Pharma

What are the investable business models in healthcare delivery which is often categorized as a long gestation play? How do these models acquire scale? What are the opportunities in multi-specialty and single-specialty plays? Will we see attractive M&A opportunities thriving in this space? How to overcome challenges in high capital intensive & high obsolesce segments? What are the emerging opportunities in Indian pharma play today? A status check on Niche Therapeutic Area, Portfolio Adopters, Licensing Experts, Drug Delivery Experts & Specialty Generics Players.

Sanjeev Sehrawat - Sr. Director, ICICI Venture (Moderator)

K. Ravindranath - CMD, Global Hospitals Group

Vikram Vuppala - Founder & CEO, Nephroplus

Sofi Bergkvist - Managing Director, ACCESS Health International

4:30pm to 5:30pm

Panel VI: Hot Themes For Entrepreneurship: Digital Content, E-Commerce, SaaS, Mobile, Education

What are the entrepreneurial opportunities today in digital content, e-commerce, SaaS, mobile & education? What are the unique challenges and scope for growth under each segment? What models are VCs betting on?

Parag Dhol - MD, Inventus Capital Partners (Moderator)

Santanu Paul - MD & CEO, TalentSprint

Ranjith Boyanapalli - Founder & CEO, BuyThePrice

Abhay Deshpande - Co-founder & CEO, Martjack

Venu Donepudi - Founder & Managing Director, CarZ

5:30pm – 5:35pm

Concluding remarks

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