Top entrepreneurs, investors to speak at Bengaluru Investment Forum 2012

The Indian economy at large may be going through growth pangs, but the entrepreneurs’ appetite for attracting capital has not dimmed one bit. The fourth edition of VCCircle Bengaluru Investment Forum, scheduled for June 6 (Wednesday), has seen an unprecedented interest from entrepreneurs representing both new-age and conventional businesses.

The investment forum, which brings together entrepreneurs located across the southern region of the country, as well as investors and intermediaries, would make it an eclectic gathering for deal-makers with potential investment targets.

The event, to be held at ITC Royal Gardenia Hotel in Bengaluru, is bringing together some 275 participants, led by entrepreneurs cutting across sectors like IT, e-commerce, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, education and gaming, among others.

The interest factor intensifies as the four southern Indian states are a hotbed of investment opportunities. As we have mentioned earlier, southern India accounts for one in every three private equity/venture capital investment transactions each year and roughly a quarter of the total PE/VC investment value generated in the country, according to VCCEdge, the financial research platform of VCCircle.

Some of the speakers at the investment forum include Mark Silgardo, senior managing director of IL&FS Private Equity; Vishal Gupta, managing director at Bessemer Venture Partners; Deepak Bagla, partner at 3i Private Equity; George Alexander Muthoot, managing director of Muthoot Finance Ltd; G. Velu, managing director of Trivitron Medical Services; Mukesh Bansal, founder & CEO of Myntra; Sudhir Sethi, chairman & managing director, IDG Ventures; Mahesh Kohli, founder & president of Greenko Wind Project and Nikhil Kumar, joint managing director of TD Power Systems.

The forum will kick-start with a keynote speech on Evolution of New Age Indian Entrepreneurship. This will be followed by a panel discussion on South India as a region for budding entrepreneurs, identifying emerging entrepreneurial themes and how PE funds look at the region in terms of investment opportunities.

The forum will also throw spotlight on two sets of sectors: Infrastructure, Power & Cleantech and Healthcare & Education. The panellists will consider how the infrastructure & power segment is placed as an attractive investment bet today, the road ahead for cleantech entrepreneurship and how to manage risks in terms of high gestation period and operational challenges, given the regulatory framework in the region.

The forum will also look at how the traditional healthcare business models are giving way to more innovative set-ups involving diagnostics, healthcare equipment and healthcare consulting. The panellists will also deliberate on how healthcare delivery set-ups are scaling up, the state of IT-enabled education businesses and the opportunities for entrepreneurs in both formal and non-formal education space in the region.

In parallel sessions, the forum will feature experts discussing how entrepreneurs can go about attracting angel and VC funding for startups and the factors investors look for in a startup before investing. The event will also look at the hot themes for entrepreneurship surrounding e-commerce, digital content and mobile.

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