Podcast: Gradeup founder Shobhit Bhatnagar on ed-tech’s prospects and unit economics
Photo Credit: Pixabay

As the Covid-19 pandemic upends the traditional way industries and companies function, education-technology startups have found their proverbial moment in the sun. These startups are offering a variety of courses and introducing new offerings to attract students grounded at home as schools and colleges remain shut.

But how does the segment compare to its brick-and-mortar counterparts, where competitors have a strong brand recall and cash flows to match? And what do unit economics look like from an ed-tech perspective, where every customer may at some point stop using the service?

In this podcast, VCCircle speaks with the Times Internet-backed Gradeup co-founder and chief executive officer Shobhit Bhatnagar to examine these issues and to gain an understanding of how investors look at the segment.

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