One Co.Work sets up co-working space for blockchain startups
Photo Credit: Pexels

One Internet Pvt. Ltd, which operates co-working spaces under the One Co.Work brand, has set up a co-working space for blockchain startups in Bengaluru.

One Co.Work founder and CEO Himanshu Bindal said in a statement on Monday that the new space, named BlockLabs, will help budding Indian entrepreneurs drive innovation in the promising blockchain technology.

“The technology, which is in its embryonic state, has helped yield proof of concepts for across-the-board applications that range from the financial world to logistics and even public policies, and its use cases are increasing with every day that passes,” he said.

Bindal said that the company is also planning to hold an event in association with the Blockchain Foundation of India and Kryptomoney, which publishes news related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, to mark the launch of the new co-working space.

The blockchain segment has been heating up as the government is also looking to use it to solve mass-scale problems. The government’s policy think tank, Niti Aayog, is looking to employ blockchain technology in education, health and agriculture, media reports said recently. The think tank has also been working on developing a country-wide blockchain network called IndiaChain to reduce corruption and fraud and to maximise transparency of transactions, tech news website FactorDaily reported in November last year.

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