After the phenomenal first edition of VCCircle Ecommerce Investment Forum last year in tech capital Bangalore, we are back again to dig further into the internet business’ second innings in India. The 2nd VCCircle Ecommerce Investment Forum 2011 is coming to New Delhi on March 11, 2011, bringing top-notch internet entrepreneurs and investors under one roof.

So, why is the Ecommerce space this hot? The e-commerce story, in the second innings, has already delivered some happy endings with travel portal Makemytrip’s blockbuster Nasdaq debut and many other enterprises ready for a market outing. All the macro elements too seem to be in place for a large-scale growth in internet-based businesses: Favourable demographics, broadband penetration, an anticipated 3G rollout, internet banking, rise in online consumption behavior and so on. The momentum is building up, the growth trajectory has picked up since then and for entrepreneurs it’s a great time to build an internet company, investors and sector watchers reckon.

And, what are we observing in the online market place?

*Online book buying is back with a leading retailer selling a book a minute online.

*There is customer delight with prompt delivery and flawless payment mechanisms building trust in consumers.

*Online travel ticketing has gotten mature with more and more Indians making their travel plans online - be it on third party websites or airline sites.

*Classifieds have made a successful transition online with jobs and matrimonial taking the lead.

*Online retailers are now pushing a larger number of categories such as electronics and white goods.

*Innovative models like group buying are being tested and launched in the market.

*Exclusive and membership-based fashion discount stores are mushrooming.

As these trends unfold, entrepreneurs and investors are keenly watching the consumption behavior of this online-tuned population. Obviously, there are several unanswered questions: Is internet transaction based business more about customer delight and less about technology? Are electronics, mobile phones and branded goods the next most compelling categories? Do we have a critical mass of online population to create a large e-commerce business? What role will a mobile phone play in e-commerce? Do online consumers easily punch their credit card details online? Do we have an infrastructure to support e-commerce such as secure payment gateways, efficient logistics, and a delightful customer support? Are online buyers concentrated only in metros? Will small towns and semi-rural townships ever be part of the e-commerce story?

Last but not the least, how to make money in ecommerce? To get an unparalleled coverage of India’s most happening sectors through completely new formats, workshop sessions and keynotes of top-notch experts, register for the 2nd VCCircle Ecommerce Investment Forum 2011.

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