Insights into the nuts and bolts of running an e-commerce business at TC E-Commerce Forum 2014; plus the updated agenda

If you are in e-commerce business or planning one, then this is one conference you cannot miss. The 6th edition of our highly successful Techcircle E-Commerce Forum 2014, will be held on January 29 at ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

In this edition we are digging deeper into several niggling questions facing the Indian e-commerce industry. First in the keynote session, we are discussing the nuts and bolts of managing and growing a large e-commerce business in India.  

Besides this, we have sharp-focused sessions on: 

--Hybrid e-commerce – Online retailers making their presence felt offline 

--Innovations in logistics 

--Payments gateways: The new trends 

Additionally, there will be sessions with participation from top CTOs, CMOs and COOs from the e-commerce space to talk on how effectively and differently they work to push their companies to the next level.  

Other sessions include: 

How to create user interface that generates user engagement & sales? 

What is the future of online consumption behavior in India? 

What next for classifieds websites business in India? 

How to create differentiation for e-commerce marketplaces? What are the lessons learnt from investing in Indian e-commerce?

Attendees include 250+ participants representing India's top e-commerce and internet entrepreneurs, innovators, private equity and venture capital investors to debate and discuss on what will build large-scale businesses in India. For more details, click here.


8:30am – 9:30am

Tea, Networking & Registration

9:20am – 9:30am

Introduction Note

9:30am – 10:10am

Keynote Panel: The nuts and bolts of managing and growing a large e-commerce business

What are the learnings of running and growing a large e-commerce business - the thoughts of e-commerce pioneers. What are the challenges in maintaining customer satisfaction, keeping up with hyper growth, and making sure the businesses are well capitalised. The learnings from various models - horizontal, vertical - and warehouse and market place - approaches. What are the key pain areas in operating an e-commerce business, and what are the solutions? What is in store for the sector in the next couple of years?

10:10am – 10:30pm

Address: Creating User Interface That Generates User Engagement & Sales

10:30am – 10:50am

Address: The Future Of Online Consumption Behaviour In India

10:50am – 11:20am

Tea & Networking

11:20am – 12:05pm

Techcircle Insights : Sharp-focused panels on trending topics from the most relevant folks in the business with Q&A.

TC Insights 1 : Hybrid e-commerce - Is this the way forward? 

First there were brick an mortar retailers, then came the e-tailer, and now we see a number of online retailers making their presence felt in the offline space. A number of e-com companies have already launched their own offline stores and are now looking to expand their reach ever further. Can we see a Flipkart store in our locality next? Is this the way forward?

TC Insights 2: Innovations in logistics 

Same day delivery versus standard delivery. Third party versus own delivery. Free delivery versus paid delivery. Delivery in marketplace model versus warehousing model. What are the customer feedback on delivery related issues? Everything about logistics in e-commerce and learnings of various players.

TC Insights 3: Payment gateways: The new trends

There is a spate of launch of payment gateways from large e-commerce players. Initially offered on their own site, the companies are gradually opening it up for other e-com firms too. But is it worth the effort? Pain points in payments in e-commerce.

12:05pm - 12:45pm

Session: What next for Classifieds websites business in India

A clutter seems to be building in the market in the space with two - three websites largely dominating. But the larger question still remains if there is any evidence to show that the classifieds usage has increased? What will be the focus areas for the business going forward? What are the innovations being built? Can't the model be disrupted with a hyperlocal/mobile platform?

12:45pm – 1:50pm

Lunch & Networking

1:50pm - 2:30pm

Session: How to create differentiation for E-Commerce Marketplaces?

E-commerce marketplaces have not necessarily changed the customer acquisition costs. It’s more of a survival strategy; it’s not a proven success strategy in India yet. How to execute a marketplace successfully compared with direct online retail? Is it just an immediate survival strategy by e-com startups or actually generating results on the ground?

2:30pm – 3:10pm

Session: Lessons learnt from investing in Indian E-Commerce 

After 5 years of active investing in Indian E-Commerce, what are the Indian investors’ experiences? While none of the e-commerce companies have reached profitability - and a number of them have already shut shop - the sector continues to garner investor interest. What can we expect in the next 3 years? What are the high growth opportunities for investments? What is investible and what is not?

3:10pm – 3:35pm

Techcircle Showcase

Here 5 exciting and innovative internet commerce companies will present on their business, differentiation, traction, product market opportunity and how they will disrupt existing ecosystem to create value. To apply, contact Kanika at or 0120-4171111

3:35pm – 3:55pm

Tea & Networking

3:55pm – 4:35pm

CTO Talk – Technology and design in e-commerce 

Where most e-commerce startups are run by people who specialize in technology rather than retail, it is of no surprise that online marketplaces contend that their model is viable and even appropriate for India. The point that an e-commerce company is first and foremost a technology company has been driven home. But the deeper question is how to create efficiencies in technology, managing efficient backend tech infrastructure for e-commerce, what kind of UI works for each e-commerce models and not only keep up with market developments such as mobile commerce or social commerce, but also lead the way.

4:35pm – 5:15pm

CMO Talk – E-commerce marketing: Bang for the buck

Built the technology, launched a website, now what? While technology is vital to an e-commerce company, what good is an e-com site it if there is no one to transact on it? This is where marketing comes in. How can you make the brand attractive to customers? How does one calculate ROI? Is online marketing the most appropriate way? Should e-commerce companies spend big bucks on TV advertising? If yes then at what stage and how much?

5:15pm - 5:55pm

Ops Talk - Innovating In E-Commerce Operations & Delivery 

While many argue that back end operations and product deliveries are the most boring aspects of the e-commerce process, it doesn't make them any less important. How to package the product effectively? How to best reduce delivery time? How to tackle returns? How to ensure customer availability for COD? Who should handle reverse logistics?

5:55pm – 6:00pm

Concluding Remarks

6:00pm Onwards

Techcircle Unwind

Continue the energy and networking of the day with more social time with top education entrepreneurs and leading investors over cocktail.

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