Indian Angel Network (IAN) has invested approx $1 million in Gamiana Digital Gaming Pvt Ltd, a three year old Mumbai-based digital gaming start-up.

Gamiana or House of Games, derived from Games and Aashiana (house), is an online entertainment company and builds online communities with multiplayer games and social networks. In 2010, it launched the first product called Jamia Online, an online social game. Jamia is a free-to-play browser-based virtual world and social space where players can connect and interact with thousands of other people from all over the world.

Gamiana plans to use the funds raised through IAN to grow its customer base, enhance gaming software development for existing games, Jamia Online and Vinashi, and bid for new gaming contracts in overseas markets.

Vishal Golia, co-founder of Gamiana said, “Gamiana, will now be able to leverage the global presence, market insights and network of IAN’s global members to fuel our growth.” Golia also started Maharaja Games in 2004 which provides business process value-sourcing services for gaming, animation and social networking companies.

The other co-founder of Gamiana is Sumeet Maniar.

The firm seeks to address the new markets created by the synergies between the increase usage of Internet on smart-phones, online gaming and social networking across the globe. The company is focused on many developing markets like Brazil, Turkey and the Philippines. Additionally, the company will continue to develop real-time synchronous games across PC, Facebook and wireless platforms (including Android, iOS and others).

“The passion and domain expertise that Vishal and Sumeet bring to Gamiana and their ability to execute the business plan built my confidence in this team,” IAN member Chetan Shah said on the investment.

The Indian Angel Network has over 180 members and has completed over 25 investments across multiple sectors like IT, mobile and education. In 2011 alone, IAN invested nearly $10 million in 10 start-ups, such as Jigsee, GrOffr and Vayavya. It has also made several successful exits.

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