Announcing the companies Demo-ing at Techcircle DEMO India 2013; A brief preview


  • 18 Mar 2013
Announcing the companies Demo-ing at Techcircle DEMO India 2013; A brief preview

Techcircle DEMO India 2013 is the India edition of the world’s leading technology products launch platform DEMO.

Here is a preview of 28 companies, across consumer and enterprise technology categories, who will present at the two-day Techcircle DEMO India 2013 to be held on March 20-21 at Movenpick Hotel in Bengaluru.

Each selected company is given six minutes on the Techcircle DEMO India stage to demonstrate its product in detail and how it will change the market it operates in. There will be no PowerPoint or flashy corporate presentations, but a slick demonstration of the product.


These companies have been carefully picked by experts and they have been mentored/advised by experienced entrepreneurs and investors such as: Amar Goel, Founder & Chairman, Komli Media India; Mahesh Murthy, Founding Partner, Seed Advisors; Pallav Nadhani, Co-founder & CEO, FusionCharts; Rahul Khanna, MD, Canaan Partners India; Sandeep Singhal, Co-Founder & Partner, Nexus Venture Partners and Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, Indiagames.

Besides the launch of these exciting technology products, the event will see the participation of top global and Indian investors, leading entrepreneurs, corporate acquirers, strategic partners and media persons. In addition, there will be panel discussions, interviews and industry-specific sessions. For more details on the agenda, visit www.demo-india.com

Commenting on the launch of these companies at Techcircle DEMO India, Neal Silverman, Senior Vice President, DEMO says, “With DEMO’s experiences of launching successful companies over the last 22 years such as Palm, E*Trade, Salesforce, Webex, Tivo, VMware and Fusion-io, we believe the next wave of massive disruptive technology products will come from emerging markets such as India. We’re excited about the products being launched at Techcircle DEMO India and believe these companies will make big global success stories in the near future.”


Sandeep Singhal, MD, Nexus Venture Partners believes, “We’re seeing tremendous traction in product companies in India and Techcircle DEMO India creates a very critical platform for these product companies to showcase their offerings to a wide variety of investors, potential customers and the ecosystem. I think this initiative will go a long way in promoting the growth of the ecosystem.”

Pallav Nadhani, CEO, Fusioncharts mentioned: “DEMO India is great way for upcoming technology companies to launch, showcase and validate their products among the influencers of the ecosystem. This is a vital step if we need India to transition from a services-powerhouse to products.”

There are a few seats left if you would like to attend Techcircle DEMO India conference (please note, we are not taking anymore applications to present at DEMO). To block the last few seats available, write to us at demo@vccircle.comor call Kanika/Sandeep at  0120-4171111.


Techcircle DEMO India 2013 – Launch Companies


With Moxtra you can easily organise all your documents, photos, videos, drawings in project binders. These Moxtra binders are accessible from your iPad, iPhone and any web browser. When you are ready to let others view your content, you can share your Moxtra binder securely with the people who need to know, or publically over social media. It can be used to map astrology fortunes, create a private fan club for your favourite Bollywood stars or collect any information of your cricket team. Where most consumer apps solve one specific problem, Moxtra is a platform that you can use collect, present and collaborate for any project.



Khemeia transforms unstructured information into structured, indexed, searchable and pertinent information. This enables customers to re-utilise the information on multiple supports (print, web, hand-held devices), store in easy to retrieve archives and make readily available to their users, cost effectively and rapidly. A fully automated solution, Khemeia performs analysis, extraction of document structure, style and metadata and conversion to multiple formats. Its content analyses algorithms are based on objective methodologies enabling accurate information extraction unlike semantic technologies where subjective interpretation of content leads to errors.



dMACQ is a browser-based application with latest technology for mergers & acquisition eco-system. dMACQTM maps the entire M&A deal life cycle and is tailored for different end users viz. strategic corporate acquirers, financial investors such as private equity or the advisory community. Some of the key features of dMACQTM are: Complete deal management tool-kit such as opportunity tracker, valuation model, key issues tracker, project task manager & process controller, etc.; Every aspect of deal is housed under one e-room that combines compliance (enables SOX, insider-trading regulations etc.); Real-time collaboration, one-click MIS, etc. enable quick decision making and in turn helps reduce deal costs; First time as well as serial acquirers benefit from best practice contents built into dMACQTM library.


Tarnea’s SmartMile is a SaaS platform that connects the “Last Mile” of business with rest of the supply chain, in real-time. It provides automation to retailers, distributors and principals to conduct their business with each other, like a stock exchange. The platform can be accessed through mobile devices or through Tarnea’s portal. It simultaneously provides new revenue streams, cost-saving and ability to scale-up business across the entire supply chain. The platform provides the ability to serve an entire industry vertical through a single data model and painless migration for the entire supply chain members.


Cofferce is a retail ecosystem platform application with customer engagement driven through smart phones and tablets, Point of Sale management through tablets and a web application for retailer management. Cofferce focuses on offers and loyalty management, pervasive throughout the company, with the help of business analytics that the web application provides in real-time. The application strives to focus on customer priorities, which are gauged by the BI Engine, while driving value for retailers in parallel.

Companies can gauge the impact of offers and promotions to ensure customers have more incentives through their loyalty programs. The platform provides loyalty management on a more personalized level with customer identification, segmentation and targeting driven through the BI Engine.

Vivyo (from Canvera)

Launched by Canvera, Vivyo is an online platform for photographers to showcase, collaborate, market and sell their work online and on social media. Vivyo enables photographers to create stunning photo websites that support collaboration, e-commerce and social media integration with ease of a wizard and power of the cloud without having to deal with any technical complexity of design, development, hosting or integration with services providers such as print, payments, couriers and design. Vivyo provides richer customisation and much deeper collaboration compared to its competitors. Vivyo’s India centric e-commerce integration as well as broader suite of printed products can help in much higher monetization and seamless vertical integration with payment gateways, logistics and so on.

Little Eye

Little Eye is an easy to use, yet powerful performance management and analysis tool for Android developers. As mobile apps get increasingly powerful and the market gets fiercely competitive, tolerance for apps that perform badly is reducing. But the tools available to developers to analyze and fix them are still stuck in the old realm of their desktop and web counterparts, and need to be hacked and tortured to extract the right information. Little Eye is a first-of-its-kind analysis tool, that provides not only data, but also tons of context around the data, that makes analysis and subsequent action taking extremely easy and meaningful. And it does so automatically, without the need for any coding or setup.


MakeMyTrip will launch its new flight search product at Techcircle DEMO India. Makemytrip has been working to enhance user experience and have made significant strides in flight search experience with this new launch. Besides algorithmic and architectural changes at back end to minimise latency and serve more relevant results, the product provides for a much better front end user interface that offers better and easier decision making and price discovery tools. This is especially important with respect to domestic round-trip bookings where the cheapest flight discovery had been a big customer pain point on all travel portals since the introduction of discounted round-trip special fares on domestic flights, earlier prevalent only in international flights.

Citrus Checkout

Citrus Pay, a checkout & payment solutions company has launched a faster and safer way for customers to pay online and on the go. The user-friendly checkout service is called Citrus Checkout and helps customers make online payments in two easy steps across multiple websites, mobile sites, on tablets, and within iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows apps. Over 200 merchants including Sun DTH, Healthkart and Seventymm, benefit from this network eco-system enabling them to provide their consumers with an express checkout service with the added benefit of dramatically improved success levels.


Bizgain is a Digital Marketing Dashboard for executives at multi-channel advertisers who are responsible for budgeting and delivering ROI through Digital Media campaigns. Unlike web analytics tools, Bizgain focuses on marketing analytics and helps visualize & analyze the Spend vs ROI across Campaigns & Channels. Bizgain, using API, helps marketers visualize Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Ads and Display ads performance on single dashboard, in realtime; gives one-click access to historical campaign performance and infographic based Visualization Dashboards to help CMOs and non-technical marketers make decisions easily. No Analytics expertise required; using proprietary recommendation engine provides actionable alerts and insights to help improve ROI.


Digital Ingenuity Systems’ AVIT Technology is a platform technology developed for effective monetization of online video content using a proprietary video indexing tool. This cutting edge technology allows content creators and advertisers to identify and effectively utilize the hotspots for product promotion and sales. The patented AVIT technology has invaluable applications in Media, Entertainment & Education sectors bringing to the consumers future of commerce through multiple sensory modes. It also allows users to get the information related to the hot-spots in the video while providing a medium for transactional activities for such products. With Consumer needs as the prime focus, this has the potential to be a front runner providing a win-all situation for Consumers, Advertisers and Content-providers alike.

WebMobi MRM

WebMobi, which began as an app creation platform, has evolved into a mobile relationship management platform which provides a deeper engagement to customers by adding real-time, push messaging and a management dashboard. This will enable retailers, online portals and brands with an online presence by offering end-to-end mobile relationship management solutions for their marketing initiatives. With the Webmobi MRM platform, customers can rapidly improve their time to market their new offerings. With push notifications, customers will be able to send messages and rich multimedia content directly from the webmobi dashboard. With the number of applications on devices increasing, it is a big challenge for retailers, brands and portals is to keep up an engagement with end customers. WebMobi applications solves this pain point.


MoEGIS (Mobile Enterprise Geographical Information System) is an innovative mobile + web GIS + Communication Platform which converges GIS, Mobile applications and Biometrics to provide effective solutions ranging from Asset management to Urban City Management using the latest technologies, which cut across various verticals. The idea is to simply use various sensors on the mobile devices to feed into a web-based integrated dashboard and offer real time insights and actionable data along with digitally documenting the entire process: GPS – Location Tracking; Camera – Facial Recognition; Display – Interactions and responses; Call/SMS/e-mail – Communication.

MoEGIS platform has gone live in several municipalities in form of various products such as Tree Census Management, Solid Waste Management, Project management solution, Health Management and Patient Tracking (in progress). MoEGIS intends to completely disrupt this Multi-billion dollar space of e-governance and JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) initiatives with quality tools for effective governance and enterprise management.


There are close to 1 million android apps and counting. Finding the right app is a potential problem to solve. Great search in itself doesn’t solve the problem. As even after the search, the user has to sift through a number of confusing feedbacks. Thus arises the need for users to be able to try apps and then decide for themselves about which apps to install. AppSurfer aims to solve the app discovery through a simple, ‘Search, Try and Install’ experience. AppSurfer technology can run apps on any device or platform without installing.  It lets users try android apps before buying. It also helps developers generate more visibility and more downloads with free tools. Currently AppSurfer is home to more than 2.5k apps. Apps here have an average lead conversion rate of 15 per cent. AppSurfer approaches competition with open, global approach and lock-in-free tools.

myPNR by iXiGO.com

iXiGO.com’s myPNR app is a new tool for travellers to seamlessly track their train or flight trip status on any Android device. myPNR reads PNR messages lying in your SMS inbox and helps you view, manage and track your trip status with an intuitive design. It alerts you on changes in booking status, train status (delays and cancellations), flight status (flight delays) and even flight advance check-in opening/closing time reminders. Launched on the Google Play Store, myPNR helps travellers save time by getting all relevant trip notifications. And if your PNRs aren’t in your SMS box, you can add them manually too!

SysCloudSoft Power Apps

SysCloudSoft automated online software service gives businesses the freedom to move IT assets across sites and clouds while protecting them all the time for instant recovery anywhere. Businesses today face pull from different cloud and onsite vendors towards their specific solutions. What businesses really need is to exercise freedom of choice to deploy a combination of onsite/cloud solutions based on their needs of production, backup, disaster recovery, price value economics, IT infrastructure and other business requirements. SysCloudSoft online solutions fulfil this need and enable businesses to become location independent with the ability to move and protect any point-in-time across onsite/clouds for their IT assets including e-mails, documents, data, apps and even entire bare metal servers (including OS, Apps and Data). Offerings: Online solution for Amazon AWS cloud-integrated Windows server, apps and data migration, backup and disaster recovery; Online solution for Google Apps (Cloud Office) for data migration, backup, liberation and more.


Qualitia brings the power of simplicity to adopt test automation irrespective of skill variations in your team. It is first of its kind, scriptless test automation platform for multiple test automation tools and application technologies. With Qualitia SME’s / business analysts and manual testers can quickly automate functional tests to support even your agile methodologies, without writing a single line of code. Ease of use tilts efforts, time and resources cost in your favour. Qualitia’s Scriptless approach eliminates programming and empowers enterprises to build the most reliable functional test automation. Qualitia maintains end-to-end traceability amongst all test assets and makes it reusable within and across projects. Its smart alert system and detailed change impact analysis keeps the change management in absolute control of testers. Welcome any change at any time and still deliver reliable test automation release on release, within time and budget.


Quickstudy is a dynamic learning management solution which offers a comprehensive solution to education and BFSI companies, offering online content delivery, test assessment, analytics and personalised learning. Our objective is to provide an ecosystem to restructure the traditional educational pedagogy. Quickstudy leverages learning through digital media by integrating students, tutors, institutions and content providers, offering customised learning curves for individuals coupled with an intensive testing platform and in-depth analysis to help organisations to make evaluations better and easier. Quickstudy can aggregate and deliver all forms of digitised contents such as course materials, video instructions and online tutor services during an individual’s learning cycle.  With increased infrastructure costs involved in testing potential candidates and internal teams for recruitment/appraisal, companies/institutes will see benefit in deploying testing platforms that can be administered online. Quickstudy is different from similar platforms as it provides a democratised platform for content delivery with intervention-based assessment.


Travelsurf has introduced a unique, opaque process for the distribution of hotel inventories. Travelsurf’s offering, Your Choice @ Your Price, enables distribution of excess inventory by hotels without negatively impacting the pricing structure of their mainstream distribution channels, and helps users to find the best value for their money. Travelsurf  has fully automated the offline negotiating process and brought it into the online world. It has optimised the negotiation steps and made them more efficient, informative, intuitive and effective with instant results. Travelsurf’s proprietary algorithms guarantee immediate, automatic, counter offers by hotels in case user offers are not accepted. Travelsurf is the only firm globally offering this unique model. It has a patent-pending status on its business process in a number of countries including, India, the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia, among others.

Circle It Up

Circle It Up is the smarter way to get paid: it is a low-cost, convenient and secure mobile POS system. Circle It Up gives small and medium businesses the freedom to process card payments anywhere and anytime using a smartphone or tablet. No matter where they are with this technology, now everyone can accept cards.


Flash animations and videos in online banner advertisements typically run for 30 seconds. But as the user scrolls down the web page, the advertisement moves up and out of the top of the browser window. It is then no longer visible. A banner is typically visible within the browser window for less than 10 seconds before it is scrolled out. Users might see the same banner again when they open a new page, but the animation or video will restart from the beginning. Since users don’t see the animation continuously from beginning to end, they don’t understand the advertiser’s message and the advertiser’s budget is wasted.  Relona solves this problem by synchronising animations and videos across multiple page views. An animation or video that starts on one web page continues uninterrupted through subsequent pages until the user sees the entire animation; click-through rates increase by 2x and video completion rates increase by 8x.


Appacitive is an app backend as a service with a difference. As a web or mobile app developer, on the appacitive platform, you can setup a scalable backend for your app by drawing your application data model on the visual designer and simply publishing to the cloud at the click of a button. Get up and running with production-ready infrastructure for data, users, geolocation, e-mail/push notifications and much more, within minutes without the hassles of managing servers and databases, and that too at no upfront cost. The unique visual designer makes it easy for any developer to be able to setup a backend without writing any server side code. Open source SDKs and rest APIs  ensure that most developers can integrate the backend with their app without leaving the comfort of their technology of choice while being in full control of what is running inside their app.


DeltaX platform helps manage, optimise and extend search and social media campaigns. It offers bulk creation and editing of ads, dynamic ads and campaign actions based on inventory feeds; Advanced Ad scheduling options that helps in better management of offer based ads; Import of offline data (such as lead:purchase, cancellation, customer value score) for better optimisation; automated optimisation/ recommendations towards CPA/ ROAS / Cost-Per-Fan goals; Real-time direct marketing campaigns on Facebook based on user interactions online and offline (using CRM data, Facebook Ads and Facebook Exchange); Extend search campaigns to display using search and interest based retargeting, contextual targeting etc and generate PDF/ Excel based graphical reports with comments in one click.


‘VIKI’ a personal assistant with amazing knowledge base is coming out exclusively for new Blackberry 10. All necessities such as real-time news, weather forecasts, movies updates, sports updates, conversions, navigation etc will be served within seconds. Users will be able to schedule meetings, set reminders and lot more. VIKI aims to maintain simplicity in usage and have an outstanding user interface, ie, voice interface. In other words, VIKI will be ‘someone’ who can help the user in every situation. VIKI also does the following functions using the voice input from the user: send messages and mails, place calls, post on social networks, schedule meetings, operate any other applications, choose a movie, find a restaurant, get updated with the news, weather etc.


SafeKar is a personal vehicle tracking product primarily meant for families who have driver-driven vehicles. When you hire a new driver, do you know him well enough to trust him? The GPS based tracking device installed in your car along with the service portal and smartphone application can be used to track your vehicle location anytime, anywhere and identify misuse or dangerous driving by your driver. The application enhances the safety and security of knowing where the vehicle is when your family is being driven around by hired help. The application also provides odometer tracking, maintenance reminders, average mileage, and operating costs.


Zoom is the first membership-based, self-drive car-club in India. Car clubs are thriving in more than 70 countries. These organisations have proven highly popular in both developed countries such as the US, UK, and Singapore, as well as developing countries such as China and Brazil.  Zoom will rely on best practices from car clubs around the world while customising the overall car club business model to account for local conditions. Zoom will offer members the opportunity to hire a vehicle by the hour or by the day. Car clubs are attractive for individuals who make occasional use of a vehicle or for families that don’t have access to a second vehicle. Additionally, car clubs provide members with access to the exact vehicle required for a specific trip, such as an SUV for a rugged hill station journey.


Tripstor is a portal which is as a ‘Social Voyager’ set to bring about a paradigm shift in the way travelers worldwide travel, store and share their experiences. The travel market contributed 9 per cent to the global GDP amounting to $6 trillion even in the catastrophic year of 2011 marked by financial meltdown and natural calamities. Still the travel gamut is too highly fragmented, dependant on ‘over-the-top-ads’ and with meagre user-created content. Tripstor will open up new horizons with central feeling to “Trip travel worries; Stor(e) cherished memories”. Users can learn about, search, compare, check reviews of 25,000+ destinations and hotels from a pool of 148k+ hotels worldwide. Readymade travelogue templates help to socialise and celebrate travel memoirs. Hoteliers get cost-effective marketing channel they never had. Tripstor cuts apart itself from a clutter of ‘booking sites’ by becoming a ‘one stop repository of everything a  traveler seeks.

Game Your Video

The digital space has a “video vacuum”. Mobiles and social networks are powered by people sharing experiences using text and photos. But video is missing out of this because it is complex for a normal user to create entertaining videos and also find enough audience for their video. Game Your Video, through its unique concept and magical one tap features,  re-imagines  the way people create/edit and share videos on mobiles. With its unique ‘pockets of network’ concept, the videos now find the right social audience thus improving visibility and engagement. Game Your Video as a social video app takes sharing experience to the next level, creating the possibility of videos being close to mainstream as photos.

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