10 handpicked startups to make a pitch at India Angel Summit; don’t miss!

The fourth edition of the VCCircle India Angel Summit 2013 is just round the corner—the event will be held on July 17 and 18 at The Lalit, Mumbai—and 10 handpicked companies will be showcased at the event, as part of a unique initiative by VCCircle called Pitch 10. The representatives of the companies will make presentations on their products, innovation, market opportunity, business models and how they plan to disrupt existing markets to create value.

This will be followed by a live feedback and Q&A with a panel of jury members. Who knows, if the showcased companies are able to electrify the jury, they may end up getting funding (note that we are not promising funding of any kind).

Each presenter will be given only five minutes on the stage, and when the buzzer rings, he/she will have to step down from the stage, even if he/she has just started! This means they will have to make the presentations brief, precise and to the point. Click here to fill the Pitch-10application form.

Note that in its new avatar, India Angel Summit is now a two-day initiative. The first day will be all about Startup Walkabout, another one-of-its-kind initiative by VCCircle that will allow ‘lucky’ participants to visit the ‘offices’ of India’s six top venture capital funds and innovative companies in Mumbai for interactive workshops (read here for more). This will allow the participants to meet the teams and interact with them, in addition to seeing how the companies function in real life. These workshops will deliver insights on some of the most pertinent areas driving a company’s growth and also allow the participants to get to know what goes around in the minds of the top VCs in the country.

The second day will be loaded with exciting keynotes, debates and special sessions involving more than 25 speakers, including top entrepreneurs, early VCs and angel investors, hosting topics such as: scaling up from a startup to a world class company; tackling the scarcity of Series A; bootstrapping versus venture funding; preparing your company for funding; secrets of lean marketing, and more. The summit will also host another special session—Co-Founder Hunt. So don’t miss it.

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