In the third episode of ‘TC Show Off’, a weekly video show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, the core USP etc., iDubba, a social network for TV shows introduces its product offerings. The platform is also a pictorial TV guide that makes TV programme surfing easier.

The company had also launched iCouch app, an engagement platform wherein fans of any particular show get to capture live moments of the show and share it with their friends or other fans. In short, the idea is to never watch TV alone. So when users follow any particular show, they start getting notifications. It can be called as the Twitter for TV.

The three year old startup has already been able to bag partnership with Zee Cafe and is exploring the revenue channel of allowing the white labelling of certain shows to engage with their fans. While presently available only on Google Play as an Android app, its founders plan to launch an app for other platforms as well. With a current user base of 1 lakh, the startup aims to cross the half million users mark in the next six months.

According to Mukul Singhal, principal, Saif Partners, if iDubba is able to add address book on mobile, location, besides all other social networking sites, then it can become an interesting value proposition. “The white labelling of shows can prove to be a good bread and butter winner. However, virality / high user adoption will define the business in the long term,” he adds.

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