ReTiSense raises under $20K in crowdfunding for fitness-tracking device Stridalyzer

Bangalore-based Internet of Things (IoT) startup ReTiSense Technologies Pvt Ltd has raised under $20,000 (Rs 12.6 lakh) via crowd-funding platform Kickstarter for its wearable device ‘Stridalyzer’, which it claims can provide real-time feedback on performance for runners.

ReTiSense, which launched the crowd-funding campaign early this month, is looking to raise a total of $25,000 by the first week of January. The funds will be used to manufacture and ship the product from March next year.

The project has got backing from around 190 individuals so far.

ReTiSense had earlier netted $45,000 in angel funding from a few undisclosed investors based in the US.

ReTiSense was set up in June this year by former Intel employees Anshuman Singh and Shuvadeep Sarkar. Singh has 15 years’ of experience in data analytics algorithms & software development, embedded devices and semiconductor design. An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, Singh also holds an MBA degree from Babson College (US). Sarkar has 10 years’ experience in semiconductor validation and system integration for mobile devices, and holds an M Tech degree from IIIT Bangalore.

Stridalyzer is basically a sensor-fitted wearable insole placed inside running footwear. The sensors in the insole connect with a smartphone app, which through a combination of local and cloud-based processing, learns about the running form, style & various pressure points, and provides real-time advice to the runner to help him/her run with the correct form.

It uses hardware and sensing technology along with bio-physical modelling of the human leg during running to provide real-time feedback. Unlike other wearable devices, Stridalyzer can also estimate, analyse and alert about potential injuries to the knee, claims the firm.

According to the firm, the device can offer a paradigm shift in training and practice sessions to athletes and sports enthusiasts, as it tracks and analyses the run style, body form, body pressures & forces, as well as performance metrics like ground contact time and stride length.

Early this month, Kochi- and San Francisco-based SectorQube Technologies had raised under $125,000 (under Rs 80 lakh) via Kickstarter for its smart microwave oven, called MAID. In October, Kochi Startup Village incuabtee Mindhelix Inc. had raised under $120,000 through Kickstarter for its product ‘Rico’ that converts one’s spare smartphone into a home security device.

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