Reason to Realization
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What does it take to establish a successful start-up? That’s the million-dollar question, quite literally!

There isn't any better time than now to enter in the start-up ecosystem. Today, the Indian start-up ecosystem is valued at $300 Billion. With 2000+ active investors, 500 institutional investors, and 250+ accelerators and incubators, India is churning out an array of start-ups at an unprecedented rate. Irrespective of the industry or mode of business, all start-ups begin with a ‘reason’. 

Even the most successful start-ups are rooted in the reason of their founding. Take a Swiggy, a Nykaa, or a Cure Fit; all had a reason — to serve a set of end-consumers while leveraging market gaps, meeting consumer expectations, and riding on technology.

The Advantage of Learning from Founders 

It’s essential to have the right set of resources, skills, financial support, and networks to make a big difference. It helps to understand, where one can start, especially if the journey is to go from zero to one.

The Vidyashilp University Start-up Founders Program is a learning experience for aspiring founders. One can learn ‘how to start a start-up’ with faculty and mentors (who are founders themselves).

One steps into the start-up ecosystem armed with a strong foundation in Design Thinking, Lean Start-up Methodology, and exposure to real-world dynamics. What’s interesting is that aspiring founders build their ideas from Day One. The program encourages budding founders to continuously shift back to the drawing board and refine their ideas throughout their journey. However, success is all about— clarity. Isn’t it?

Journeying from the Drawing Board to an Investor Pitch 

The program is a highly experiential. During the program, multidisciplinary teams get hands-on experience outside the classroom. They identify unmet customer needs, create new products or services to address them, and develop business models to launch them. If that’s not exhilarating, what is? Imagine a day that revolves around interacting with customers in the marketplace, domain specialists, industry experts and mentors.

Indeed, it isn't as easy as it sounds. But who has ever stopped a person with a reason and a vision from creating success stories? The program systematically drives participants to build a minimum viable product (MVP). After testing the MVP, an investor pitch is created.  What one may see as the culmination of their effort is the start of a rewarding climb to growth and success.

The Network Effect

New doors keep unlocking as participants get opportunities to collaborate with a community of change-makers. One can build a professional network through formal and informal networking events hosted by VU and 256 Network. Founded by founders, the program facilitates interaction with start-up founders, seasoned industrialists, Venture Capitalists, and Angel Investors from Bengaluru and across the world.

This allows one to learn alongside ambitious peers. Also, it provides an opportunity to imbibe experiential knowledge from a large pool of invested members in the thriving Indian start-up economy.

Bringing Start-up Reasons to Life

Speaking of investment, Vidyashilp University too has invested in success stories. The VU Incubation Centre invests intense effort, resources, and time. The sole purpose is—to transform people with a great idea into an entrepreneur successfully in the start-up world.

A highlight of the program is its location in Bengaluru – the Silicon Valley of India and home to numerous start-ups, multinationals, and a plethora of opportunities.

The program aims to nurture future entrepreneurs with a curriculum curated by founders of successful start-ups like Mu Sigma, Capital Float, and JobsForHer. Moreover, mentors who are founders themselves will journey with budding founders from reason to realization. So, if you have a reason, you know where to bring it to life!

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