Propelling the Future of Fast-Growing Enterprises: Get Ahead with Airtel

Airtel Business, the world's leading provider of ICT services on Thursday, May 19, in the second edition of the premier 6-city roadshows, demonstrated “How Airtel is helping fast-growing enterprises improve their business & customer experience and ensure IT spending is in the right direction.“

Harish Laddha, CEO, Airtel Business, further mentioned, “why Airtel is a one-stop technology partner for everything you require in your digitization journey.” He also elucidated that the 6-city roadshow will focus on the blueprint for a hyper-digital future for fast-growing enterprises and the importance of technology. 

"Airtel is the no. 1 IoT player in India. Airtel powers 46.2% of India’s IoT market share.”

Airtel Business is hosting its next edition of the premier roadshow, "Get Ahead with Airtel," on Thursday, May 26, at Roseate House, Aerocity, Delhi, from 6:00 PM onwards in association with TechCircle

With the theme “Get Ahead with Airtel: Propelling the Future of Fast-Growing Enterprises", this event seeks to demonstrate how technology can enable fast-growing companies to transform into the multi-billion revenue stars of the future. The half-day event highlights the importance of selecting the right partner to drive: business collaborations, innovation partnerships, technology insights, and a strategic roadmap.

“Airtel Business is making digitization simple, agile, affordable, and secure.”

Participate in Expert Sessions 

The event will host 80+ tech leaders from multiple industries. The attendees will gain insights across five tech domains: Connectivity, 5G & Cloud, Collaboration, IoT, and Security. The roadshow will also highlight:  

•    Future Growth Challenges & Strategies
•    The Importance of Selecting The Right Partner
•    How Business Outcomes are Affecting Revenue Outcomes
•    Airtel's Customization Outcomes for Fast-Growing Enterprises.

As a prelude to the event, in a recent interview, Harish Laddha, CEO of Airtel Business, elucidated one of the biggest challenges that every company is struggling with; to be where the customer is. 

Join the event on May 26 at Roseate House, Aerocity, Delhi, to witness how Airtel is helping enterprises re-architect the blueprint of economic growth. If you haven’t yet, you can get started by registering for the event now! 

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