Meet the startups that pitched their ideas to investors at VCCircle consumer summit
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A bunch of entrepreneurs from a variety of segments such as fashion, lifestyle and food pitched their ideas to a jury of investors at a showcase session organised as part of the VCCircle Consumer and E-Commerce Investment Summit 2019 held in Mumbai on Thursday.

The session offered an opportunity to early-stage, pre-revenue startups to grab investor attention. The entrepreneurs explained their businesses to a jury that comprised Gaja Capital finance director Manoj Balan, Kstart Capital partner Revant Bhate and Archana Jahagirdar, CEO at Angelworks.

Here are the startups that took part in the session:

Dismantle Goods LLP

Founded by Aditya Khanna and Mohit Garg last year, the company expects to create products that make the travel experience better. Their brand, called Assemble Luggage, targets business travellers, who are digitally savvy and look for premium products by catering to them through direct channels.

The Gurugram-headquartered company is in the bootstrapping phase and self-funded. Within the next couple of years, it is looking to mainstream its operation with a line of products.

Begin 101 Lifestyle

The company was founded by Chandni Soni, Kunal Sapra and Kartik Sapra five years ago. It offers a plus-size fashion destination at an affordable price. Its brand, called Amydus, targets women in the age group of 30 to 55 years through an omnichannel presence across India. 

The Gurugram-based company is looking to raise Rs 14 crore for its expansion plans.

Inspired Foods Pvt. Ltd

Founded by a team of five entrepreneurs led by Khan Fardeen and Ranjana Kadajiwale, the six-year-old company offers ice creams, desserts and smoothies through a franchise model.

They seek to take their brand called Guavaz across India, with strong presence primarily in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

The Pune-based company, currently self-funded, is looking to raise Rs 5-10 crore for their expansion plans.

Schoolay Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The company was founded by former Voonik employees Kiran Hiriyanna and Rajakumaran R along with Hariharan Subramanian and Siddharth Narayan. The two-year-old company targets parents of school-going children. It mainly works with schools on a business-to-business-to-consumer model to provide clothes online.

The Bengaluru-based self-funded company seeks to raise seed capital for its expansion plans.

BucketList Experiences LLP

Founded by Baljeet Gujral and Poornima Gujral last year, the self-funded company curates unique travel experiences for individuals and companies.

Baljeet Gujral is pursuing a one-year seed transformation programme with Stanford wherein 50 companies from India have been chosen.

The Mumbai-based company is looking to raise Rs 3 crore for its expansion in the next two years.

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