Laying the Foundation for Fast-Growing Enterprises: Get Ahead With Airtel

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  • 31 May 2022
Laying the Foundation for Fast-Growing Enterprises: Get Ahead With Airtel

TechCircle, in association with Airtel Business, organized one of the premier roadshows in Aerocity, Delhi. This third edition of the Get Ahead With Airtel roadshow emphasized the growth of fast-growing enterprises, deliberating on the technology stack. The sole purpose is to demonstrate how technology can enable fast-growing enterprises to transform into multi-billion revenue stars of the future.

Ashwin Moduga, Research Head, Mosaic Digital, kick-started the roadshow, highlighting Airtel's transformation journey into a big enterprise and the secret— why it still operates like a start-up. He also mentioned that today, post-pandemic— customer-centricity is the key and the top CEO priority. Ashwin also highlighted business recovery priorities.

“Fast-growing enterprises will deliver India's next wave of economic growth.”


Last but not least, he mentioned the top 4 aspects of technology with high spending that will be driving this growth: Cloud, AI & Analytics, IoT, and Security.

Keynote: Propelling Outcome-Based Growth Strategies

Harish Laddha, CEO, Airtel Business, set the stage with his interesting keynote on how Airtel is powering business growth in the digital world, especially for fast-growing enterprises. He also elucidated how Airtel is helping organizations improve their business & CX and ensure IT spending is in the right direction.


"Airtel Business is a one-stop technology partner to streamline communication, secure privacy, and reduce Opex."

Stepping ahead, Harish highlighted the 3 key market segments: Emerging, Enterprises, and OTT/Carriers, where they are enabling growth. Last but not least, he also stated why most organizations across the globe trust Airtel for powering growth.

"Airtel makes digitization simple, agile, affordable, and secure.”


With the theme “Get Ahead With Airtel: Propelling the Future of Fast-Growing Enterprises”, this half-day event drew attention to the role of choosing the right partner to drive: business collaborations, innovation partnerships, technology insights, and blueprint a strategic roadmap effectively.

“Airtel has India’s largest network of interconnected data centers."

Fireside Chat: Resilient & Future Proofed Digital Ecosystems for Growth


Next to this, there was an invigorating session between Varun Singla, Airtel Business, Abhishek Biswal, Airtel Business, Karthik Madhava, Lavelle Networks, and Rama Sambandhan, Airtel Business. Rama set the tone and covered a wide spectrum of concepts and ideas. These included: sustainable & inclusive growth in the hybrid era and risks & rewards for fast-growing enterprises with digital solution adoption.

Said Karthik Madhava, Lavelle Networks, “Today, connectivity is hybrid. The biggest challenge is: Network availability at the right place and right time.”

Said Abhishek Biswal, Airtel Business, “Empower & enable your team. What distinguishes Airtel Business from our humble competitors and makes us the partner of choice: We build and test our technology solutions first on us.”


Said Varun Singla, Airtel Business, “Post-pandemic, ransomware attacks have grown massively (200%). Avg. cost to protect & remediate against incident: above 10 Cr. Further, today there are more security tools than problems. Security is no more a technical issue. Security is getting embedded in everything that we develop & consume. The challenge is: how to manage it.”

Next to this, there was another insightful discussion on Collaboration, Connectivity, & Cloud for Revenue Outcomes. This panel session took a deep dive into talk tracks like how the post-pandemic journey looks like, how to pivot the business, and associated risks & rewards.

Said Vikram Kumar, Letstrack, “From a business perspective, the biggest roadblock is: we lack innovative solutions.”

Said Sewak Nautiyal, Spark Technologies, “The biggest challenge for business: they aren’t familiar with new technology.”

Said Alok Shukla, Airtel Business, “Pandemic changed 3 things: accelerated cloud adoption, revamped workforce, and enhanced security incidents. Today, network layer has changed—it's network-as-a-service.”

Sachid Malhotra, Circle Business Head, Airtel Business, concluded the roadshow by mentioning that Airtel always works like a start-up. He also mentioned how Airtel is helping fast-growing enterprises usher in a new era of growth.

The event was presided by 300+ patrons from multiple industries. Airtel marked five tech domains for economic growth: Connectivity, 5G & Cloud, Collaboration, IoT, and Security, to facilitate a future-proof digital ecosystem for the growth that dynamic companies like you drive. Click here to get complete insights!

Look forward to participating in the next event in June. Stay tuned for more updates!

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