Ten years after the great dotcom crash, Indian e-commerce is standing at a crossroads. Buoyed by a growing broadband and mobile population, changing demographics, tech-savvy urban population, higher disposable incomes and rise in online transactions, it seems like a dream setting for the resurgence of e-commerce, which came 10 years too early in its previous avatar.

Consider some of these defining indicators: Online book buying is back with a leading retailer selling a book a minute online. More and more Indians are making their travel plans online. Classifieds have made a successful transition online with jobs and matrimonial taking the lead. Online retailers are now pushing a larger number of categories such as electronics and white goods. Innovative models like group buying membership-based fashion discount stores are mushrooming.

Clearly, there is a lot going for this space and entrepreneurs and investors are keenly watching the consumption behavior of the online-tuned population. This space, once a darling of venture capital funds and tech entrepreneurs, will continue to find takers as they are less capital intensive and highly scalable, the factors investors love. The key is to find the right model, the ability to capture the pulse of the online audience, and most importantly, the execution and the customer delight.

It is in this context that VCCircle has put together a format that seeks to take an honest and thoruough look at the opportunities in the e-commerce space. Over two dozen dotcom entrepreneurs, technology purists and investors will participate at the VCCircle E-commerce Forum 2010 to answer questions such as: Do we have a critical mass of online population to create a large e-commerce business? Do online consumers easily punch their credit card details online? Do we have an infrastructure to support e-commerce such as secure payment gateways, efficient logistics, and a delightful customer support? Are online buyers concentrated only in metros? Will small towns and semi-rural townships ever be part of the e-commerce story? And finally do Indians have a mindset to buy online or are a majority of them still fixated with physical transactions?

VCCircle forum experts will demystify this for you. To navigate through the changing contours of the great Indian e-commerce story, .

Speakers confirmed till now


JOHN KURUVILLA, Founder & CEO, Taggle Internet Ventures Pvt Ltd

AVNISH BAJAJ, Managing Director, Matrix Partners India

DEEP KALRA, Founder & CEO,

SANJEEV BIKHCHANDANI, Founder & Executive Vice Chairman,

KUNAL BAHL, CEO, Jasper Infotech (

HARISH BAHL, Founder & CEO, Smile Interactive Technologies Group

MAHESH MURTHY, Partner, Seedfund

MOHANJIT JOLLY, Executive Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

VIVEK NAYAK, COO, Avenues India Pvt Ltd

SUDHIR SETHI, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, IDG Ventures India

(More speakers joining...)

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