How remote jobs from abroad can solve India's job shortage

30% of Indians are working remotely by 2022, reports Gartner. Indians always believe in turning adversity into an opportunity. They have done it several times in the past, and history has witnessed it. With the pandemic, when the whole world struggled; including India, it also shows a way to work remotely with the world. Indians can use these remote jobs to end the unemployment issue in India.

The unemployment issue is not new to India. It's been one of the biggest societal issues for a very long time. A person is said to be unemployed when he is physically and mentally unable to work, and most importantly, willing and actively looking for employment and not getting one.

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) recently released data showing that the Indian unemployment rate was 7.12% in May 2022. Though, it is lower than the previous month April, when the unemployment rate was 7.83%. Still, the unemployment rate is very high in India, considering its population. Government should actively work in this area to reduce the unemployment rate.

In such a period, when India is not able to produce lots of jobs, the remote work that reaches India from abroad could prove revolutionary for the India’s skillful jobseekers.

Remote work is the practice of doing work from anywhere in the world rather than commuting to the central place of work which is the traditional way of working. There are many benefits of remote jobs, such as

  • It allows you to maintain a better work-life balance as it reduces the hassles of traveling to one’s office everyday.
  • It enhances productivity as per many studies conducted widely
  • Provides flexible working hours
  • It is more economical for companies to hire talent from India

The remote work was there even before the pandemic ever existed, but limited to a few companies or individuals. Since the pandemic, the trend of remote work culture has shown a significant hike, and we have seen a major societal shift towards digitalization. This has helped so much in Indian youth finding jobs abroad while working from their own homes.

The Indian government has played a critical role in digitalizing India. The government's Digital India Initiative has shown massive internet penetration that boosts the country's digital population amounting to approximately 658 million active users as of February 2022. The rise of internet users and remote jobs is great news for job seekers in India. Now they can

apply for the work beyond the geographical boundaries of India and earn a hefty amount without leaving the country, thanks to the remote work culture.

Before the pandemic, a small section of people work as digital nomads, but after the pandemic, we have seen significant growth in remote workers. People are now keen to have a perfect work-life balance. The time has gone when your location plays a crucial role in your job selection. Now a person sitting in a small village in India can apply for the worlds leading companies in the US, UK, or anywhere in the world. You don't need any visa or passport for the same.

Remote work has ended boundaries set up by the governments. A person is free to work for global companies irrespective of their places. What is all required is a phenomenal skill set.

Remote work brings a great opportunity for Indians to end their long-lasting unemployment issue and get employment from the best companies in the world. Government should have started promoting the remote work culture as many still consider remote workers unemployed, and the government should end such opinions.

India is home to more than 1.4 billion people and is a popular place for employers to hire the best talent in the world. The growing economy and literacy make India a favourite destination for MNCs to hire young talent. The reason for the same is simple, India is home to more than 5 million Java and Python developers, 1.3 million android developers, and more than 800,000 iOS developers. The data shows India is all set to dominate the IT sector with its highly qualified workforce. But the best point is that Indian workforce skills do not end here they are equally good with managerial skills also. If we talk about the innovative ideas, India has produced more than 100 unicorns, now only behind USA and China.

Remote working enhances the productivity of the company and the employee. The most important thing with remote work is that it ensures the perfect work-life balance, which is very important to live a better life.

India has an abundance of a skillful workforce, and they need the right path to grow. Remote work is a massive opportunity for Indian talents to shine in the world, and it can really help in taking the weight off of the governments in creating jobs all by itself.

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