Gopal Srinivasan

Gopal Srinivasan is the founder and chairman of TVS Capital that manages a private equity fund focused on India’s consumption story. Part of the Chennai-based TVS Group, he has incubated eight businesses so far and leads several TVS Group businesses. In fact, Srinivasan is keen on encouraging entrepreneurs and that has essentially motivated him to start angel investments. “I get to learn new ideas, new waves of thoughts and developments from brighter minds with diverse exposures,” he says.

His guidelines for start-ups/entrepreneurs are crisp and sharp. “Do-or-die attitude with focus and smartness happen to be the key. If you want to implement multiple ideas at the same time or constantly listen to investors, it might be the recipe for failure. So just stay focused, passionately drive things as hard as you can and follow your instinct,” he comments.

Investment DNA

Preferred Sectors: Consumer growth-centric industries.

Preferred Location: Srinivasan, who is part of Chennai Angels, prefers companies located nearby.

Involvement: Hands-off investor who does not like to get too involved.

Key Investments: Srinivasan has invested in gaming, payments solutions, catering, music education and ERP (enterprise resource planning) for schools and media.

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