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The Indian healthcare sector is now witnessing the inception of a new category of healthcare services through home healthcare and birthing centres. Healthcare over the years had meant correspondence between patient and practitioners which was confined to places like hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. The emergence of these two and other similar services, is slowly dismantling the conventional notion of receiving healthcare at hospitals and clinics only.

The idea of home healthcare as the name goes looks at providing the consumers with quality healthcare services at home itself without the consumer taking the hassle of getting admitted to a hospital or visiting a clinic. Service providers in this segment provide a wide array of services starting from daily medical and nutritional needs to emergency services, all at consumer’s doorstep. As it is a new emerging segment which has started to gain traction especially from the affluent consumers, one is tempted to ask as to what the future hold for home healthcare services? Will it translate itself into multi-billion dollar business like it has in developed countries with many big chain players in healthcare and investors jumping into this?

Another emerging segment in healthcare is birthing centres. The concept of birthing centres looks at collaborating hospitality with quality healthcare. Of late, this segment has received good demand from the growing middle class who want to experience enhanced level of care and hospitality during the course of their clinical diagnosis. Both these models have emerged as an alternative for consumers who used to bank on nursing homes and multi-specialty hospitals for their treatment. However, the question is how these emerging models can be brought into the mainstream by increasing demand numbers. What can be done to make them more attractive for consumers as well as investors?

Taking note of these emerging segments, VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit & Awards 2015 will see entrepreneurs and investors associated with home healthcare and birthing centres come together and discuss the potential and prospects of these services. To get more insights on these segments, register now

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