Fitness tech startup fitpage raises $3.7 mn from Astra Ventures, angels
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Fitness tech platform fitpage raised $3.5 million (around Rs 26.6 crore) in a seed round funding from Astra Ventures at the beginning of 2021 and has additionally raised $300,000 in an angel round recently, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

This investment came from Gaurav Jaitly – MD and head of equity, Goldman Sachs India and Maj. Manoj Verma, MD of Jaguar Security. This takes the total investment to $3.7 million (about Rs 28 crore) this year, the statement added.

Mumbai-based fitpage has been building technology to bring personalisation to the individual level to the extent that it could replace personal trainers to a large degree.

The subscription-based platform focuses on improving cardiovascular health thereby bringing an overall improvement in the health and fitness of individuals. The startup curates deep tech-based personalised training, nutrition, and content through an integrated mobile and web platform.

fitpage will target to raise a larger amount of funding in late 2022 for accelerating growth and acquiring complementary businesses in the related field, the statement further said.

An MBA from Chicago Booth School, Vikas Singh established fitpage in April 2020 amid the Covid pandemic with its app due to be launched at the end of January.

“At fitpage, our goal is to democratise fitness for people. The issue of fitness has remained a tall issue to address even with the exponential growth in physical fitness facilities in the country.  It needs a much larger push and a much more personalized approach to create an impact.  fitpage, through its understanding of the cardiovascular system, designs plans that are curated for each individual and can be replicated at scale," said Vikas Singh, Founder & CEO, Fitpage.

“Knowing Vikas since his days at Goldman Sachs, I resonate with the problem he is trying to solve at fitpage. We have seen him grow as a professional as well as an ardent marathoner.  Through fitpage, he is trying to build a technology to solve the problem of personalization for fitness at scale and I fully support his vision,” said Gaurav Jaitly, MD and head of equity, Goldman Sachs India. 

“Vikas and team are creating something that has an exponential impact opportunity and we think they are the right team to be working on it. I am glad to come on board this journey,” said Maj. Manoj Verma, MD, Jaguar Security. 

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