Final agenda for VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit & Awards 2015; register now

Final agenda for VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit & Awards 2015; register now


  • 15 Sep 2015
Final agenda for VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit & Awards 2015; register now

More than 250 leading entrepreneurs/CEOs, medico-entrepreneurs, doctors, healthcare tech experts, marquee private equity and venture capital investors besides top healthcare consultants, mentors, deal makers and innovators will attend the 7th edition of VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit & Awards on September 15 and 16 at Taj Vivanta in Mumbai. 

This one-and-a-half-day summit will also feature the 3rd edition of the coveted VCCircle Healthcare Awards on the evening of September 15. The awards will recognise and reward outstanding healthcare providers who have not just made real differences in the patient’s life but have also created a culture of innovations & excellence across the Indian healthcare industry. 

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With the changing dimensions of the healthcare sector in terms of rising demand for quality services, emerging segments, innovation and the requirement for accessible and affordable healthcare for all, the summit will provide an attractive platform for various stakeholders of the healthcare sector to come together and deliberate on the potential and outlook of the sector as a whole. 

Here is the agenda and the list of speakers attending the conference:

Day I, 15th September


8:30am - 9:30am

Tea, Networking & Registration

9:30am - 9:50am


Introductory Note

9:50am - 10:40am

Panel I: Experiences of Catalysing growth through investor capital - myth vs reality


Riding on the back of growing demand for quality healthcare, rising disposable income chasing quality of life & health conscious users, healthcare sector in India has seen a lot of changes in the past five years. Most of the innovations & growth achieved in the sector has been fuelled by private investors banking on traditional as well as emerging healthcare business models. While the sector is opening doors for numerous opportunities and is now poised to show some exits with a chain of IPOs lined up showing some ray of hope to the private investors, we understand what has been the experience for private investors in real terms. Has the sector been able to deliver the promised returns or there is still time before they start expecting returns? Talking about future investments, which categories are set to draw significant amount of fund infusion? Which sub-segments within healthcare spectrum are experiencing notable activities?

Ameera Shah - MD & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. BS Ajai Kumar - Chairman & CEO, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.


Siddharth Dhondiyal - Managing Director, India Value Fund Advisors

Dr. Ashwin Naik - Founder & Director, Vaatsalya Healthcare

Vishal Bali - Asia Head - Healthcare, TPG Capital India Pvt Ltd (Moderator)

10:40am - 11:30am

Panel II: Will Consolidation drive the asset heavy healthcare models?

In quest of gaining market shares and capturing regional opportunities, many healthcare service providers are pursing consolidation strategies either to strengthen their position as market leaders or to reduce pressures on depleting balance sheets. With emergence on asset light models, there is an inherent pressure of asset heavy models and hence some movement is seen there. Will consolidation be seen in the asset heavy healthcare models? Is it the growth potential for premium quality healthcare services, demand -supply mismatch or under-penetrated healthcare services in the Tier II & III cities? Are private investors still banking on asset heavy models and coming in such acquisition transactions?

Dr Harish Pillai - CEO, Aster Medcity

Praneet Singh - MD, Siguler Guff & Company

Sohil Chand - MD, Norwest Venture Partners

C.Venkat Subramanyam - Founder & Director, Veda Corp

Chandra Sekhar - President, Apollo Hospitals Group

Ratan Jalan - Founder & Principal Consultant, Medium (Moderator)

11:30am - 12:00pm

Tea & Networking

12:00pm - 12:50pm

Panel III: Pharma opportunities in India - OTC, Drug Discovery & more

Pharma opportunity in India has been interesting in the recent past, ranging from large strategic M&A deals to emerging small cap pharma companies, focus on alternate medicine such as ayurveda, contract manufacturing of API besides others. Emergence of organized healthcare chains has opened up new avenues for pharma companies to serve the organized demand. Going with the recent changes in the pharma industry dynamics and inherent deep involvement of the government, what are the painful experiences faced by Indian pharma companies? How are the companies tacking with the growing issues of price controls, patent protection, structural, logistics & governance? What are the opportunities & challenges for MNC's stationed in India vis-a-vis domestic companies in terms of drug discovery models, patent rights, IPR, research cost, price barriers and regulatory approvals? Can India emerge as a market of "product differentiation" vis -a vis other emerging markets like China, Brazil etc? When it comes to innovations, data Integrity, technology advancement, where is Indian pharma sector standing? How are young pharma companies growing despite myriad challenges? Which category looks attractive to investors? What are the recent interesting trends and under-leveraged categories that is worth betting on? Is consolidation the way forward?

Dr Shiladitya Sengupta - Co-founder & Director, Vyome Biosciences

Shiraz Bugwadia - MD, o3 Capital

Ramesh Swaminathan - CFO, Lupin Ltd

Piyush Goenka - Partner, Tano India Advisors Pvt Ltd.

Sanjay Chaudhary - Partner, Tata Capital Growth Fund (Moderator)

12:50pm - 2:00pm

Lunch & Networking

2:00pm - 2:50pm

Panel IV: Evolution of the tertiary care business models - Impact of strong regional plays

Besides a few large tertiary care chains of hospitals, a larger play in tertiary care is seen from strong regional players dominating sizable market shares in their own regions. With a strong know how of key market drivers, demand-supply analysis and customer demographics, these regional players have been able to get the model right for tertiary care and have been successful in providing affordable & quality healthcare services. Emergence of regional brands in tertiary care has been welcomed well by the investors as we’ve seen significant investments supporting their businesses. What’s the key behind evolution of regional tertiary healthcare service providers? Is the trend drifting from national to regional plays? How is the regional tertiary care opportunity evolving and which all specialties’/specialized healthcare services are most promising?

Rajit Mehta - Managing Director & CEO, Max Healthcare Institute Limited

Dr. Praneet Kumar - Ex - CEO, Dr. B L Kapur Memorial Hospital &  Practicing Consultant - Hospital & Health Services

Dr. Dinesh Batra - Director, Cygnus Hospitals

Monika Sood - Co-founder & Partner, Arete Advisors LLP

Nitish Agrawal - Managing Director, Veradis

Dr. Dharminder Nagar - MD, Paras Healthcare

Ashish Bansal - Partner | Deal Advisory, KPMG India Private Limited (Moderator)

2:50pm - 3:40pm

Panel V: Understanding the context of “Make in India” for Med-tech: Indigenous medical devices, medical consumables & equipment

Medical Technology in India has seen signification traction with Indian medical devices, consumables and equipment finding market in the international borders besides the home ground. Adding to this, the “Make in India” campaign will further strengthen India’s position in medical technology as it brings newer players to make in India besides strengthening the current players. Backed by demand and larger pool of talent available, we understand what are the key trends driving med -tech developments? To address the growing needs of growing Indian consumers, what kind of innovations and customization are entrepreneurs bringing to the table? Is the med tech opportunity yet to grab larger interest from investors? Considering the price sensitivity, how are Indian entrepreneurs tackling pricing & quality issues? Are there any lucrative policy incentives to “Make in India” for med tech? What steps can be taken to make the sector less import driven? Will setting up of med-tech industrial parks have a significant impact on local device manufacturing industry?

Mihir Shah - Founder, UE LifeSciences Inc.

K. Chandrasekhar - CEO, Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.

Chhitiz Kumar - CEO Philips Capital & Head - Govt. Affairs, PPP, Philips India Ltd.

Raghu Dharmaraju - COO, Embrace Innovations

Himanshu Laiker - Director - Strategy, Business Development and Strategic Accounts, Medtronic South Asia

Ambar Srivastava - MD, Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Prem Pavoor - MD, Fidelity Growth Partners India (Moderator)

3:40pm - 4:30pm

Panel VI: Innovations in Diagnostics - Genomics and emerging preventive diagnosis

Moving ahead of the large diagnostic chains, specialized chains offering high end diagnostic services there seems to be an emerging segment around genomics, genome testing and preventive diagnostics. Services as such as disease susceptibility, in born talent & traits are now emerging as newest set of diagnostics services offered in the market. How critical can be such services in the coming future? Do we see a sizable market for such services in India? What can be the contribution of genomics advancements in upgrading drug discovery processes, early diagnosis and precise treatment of patients? How helpful can the genomic research be to pharmaceutical & biotech companies? What role can be played by sequencing technologies, genomics advancements in decoding critical patient needs and improving the overall effectiveness of healthcare?

Arunima Patel - Founder & Managing Director, iGenetic Diagnostics

Anu Acharya - CEO, Mapmygenome

Dr. Sanjeev K. Chaudhry - MD, Super Religare Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. A Velumani - Creator and Chief Executive Officer, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd

Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni - Venture Partner, Ventureast (Moderator)

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Tea & Networking

5:30pm -6:30pm

VCCircle Healthcare Awards 2015

On the evening of September 15 we will be hosting the 3rd edition of VCCircle Healthcare Awards aiming at recognizing and rewarding outstanding healthcare providers who have not just made real differences in the patient’s life but have also created a culture of innovations & excellence across the Indian healthcare industry.

Members of our jury for awards this year are:-

  • Vishal Bali - Asia Head - Healthcare, TPG Growth
  • Ameera Shah - MD & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.
  • Sohil Chand - MD, Norwest Venture Partners
  • VCCircle Healthcare Awards 2015 will recognise companies across following categories:

    • Best Multi-specialty Tertiary Care Hospital Chain
  • Emerging Tertiary Care Hospital of the year
  • Indian Med-tech Company of the Year
  • Diagnostic Services Company of the Year
  • Single Speciality Services Company of the Year
  • Best Healthcare Service Delivery Company of the year
  • Innovative Healthcare Startup of the year
  • Most Promising Healthcare Startup
  • VCCircle Unwind

    This session will provide more networking time to entrepreneurs and investors over cocktails.

    Day II, 16th September

    8:30am - 9:30am

    Tea & Networking

    9:30pm - 9:40pm

    Overview of day I & welcome note

    9:40am - 10:30am

    Panel I: Emerging Healthcare Delivery Models: Spotlight on Home Healthcare & Birthing Centres

    Home healthcare is a vibrant multi-billion dollar business in the developed countries and India has just started to witness its potential as we see few emerging businesses aiming to deliver quality healthcare through newer emerging models such as home healthcare.  The segment has started getting traction and has now drawn interest of entrepreneurs, investors & even large hospital chains. Similarly, specialized birthing centres are getting increasingly hotter with affluent middle class bypassing traditional nursing homes to avail ideal combination of top clinical facilities and memorable hospitality experience. While these two models are under spotlight, we understand what are the emerging healthcare delivery models gaining traction and now becoming mainstream?

    Meena Ganesh - CEO & MD, Portea Medical

    Dr. R. Kishore Kumar - CMD & Sr Consultant Neonatologist, Cloudnine (Kids Clinic India)

    Dr. Gareth Jones - Chairman & Director, Health care at home

    V.Thiyagarajan - MD, India Home Health Care

    Dr. Mohammed Sayeed Rehan - Founder & Exec. Chairman, Rhea Healthcare Pvt Ltd. (Motherhood)

    Rajiv Vasudevan - Founder and CEO, AyurVAID Hospitals

    Siddharth Dhondiyal - Managing Director, India Value Fund Advisors (Moderator)

    10:30am - 11:30am

    Panel II: Leveraging Information Technology in healthcare: Hospital Management software, Patient & disease data analysis and more

    Use of Information Technology is Indian healthcare industry is way below as compared to some of the other developing nations. There are very less or no information management systems which can help capture critical information on illness, diseases, treatments & patients residing with fragmented healthcare service providers across the country. Very few providers have now taken information management on priority however that is also limited to capturing patient registration data. Be it hospitals, diagnostic services, pharma companies to medical technology players, there is no intersection of information technology when it comes to clinical data. While this poses a great challenge to the industry, entrepreneurs have latched on to this as a huge opportunity and are creating systems which can help large healthcare players deliver services more efficiently. What are the opportunities in creating new-age disruptive hospital management systems, clinical information systems & other emerging segments? How do investors see this as an opportunity? Relevance of Information management systems capturing clinical and patient information etc in diagnostics and research? How does this information availability impact the overall healthcare innovation scenario in the country?

    Gopi Natarajan - Co-founder, and CEO, Omega Health Care India Private Limited

    Manish Gupta - CEO, Indegene Lifesystems Pvt Ltd

    Arvind Kumar - CEO & MD, ATTUNE Technologies

    Sam Santhosh - CEO & Chairman, MedGenome Labs Pvt Ltd

    Jagdish Moorjani - COO, Citius Tech

    Amit Soni - Principal, General Atlantic (Moderator)

    11:30am - 11:45am

    Tea & Networking

    11:45am - 12:15pm

    Showcase Session - Healthcare Startups

    A curated platform featuring five innovative companies in the healthcare space who will come on the stage and make presentations on their path-breaking ideas, business models and niche opportunities.

    12:15pm - 01:05pm

    Panel III: Digital Health Play in India - Healthcare Content Management, Patient & Doctor Management Apps, Online Pharmacy, self-diagnostic devices & fitness bands

    To enable healthcare services reach the audience in most appropriate manner, digital health services are playing a key role. Digital health play in India is seeing entrepreneurs disrupting doctor-patient management systems, information sharing gaps, online pharmacies, docpreneurs disrupting the healthcare delivery models through technology, technopreneurs bringing in self-help diagnostic devices and fitness products. All these and much more innovations on the intersection of digital, technology & healthcare services are helping the industry and users at large. What role can digital health play in helping main stream healthcare providers in long run? How can ecommerce intervention help in delivering healthcare products & services more efficiently?

    Saurabh Arora - CEO & Co-founder, Lybrate

    Shantanu Jha - Co-founder & CEO, Ziffi

    Dr. Ajay Nair - Managing Director, MeraDoctor

    Mudit Vijayvergiya - Co founder, Curofy

    Varun Sood - CIO & Head – Strategic Initiatives, Fortis Healthcare Limited

    Prashant Tandon - Founder & CEO,

    Dr.Ruchi Dass - Founder & CEO, Health Cursor (Moderator)

    01:05pm onwards

    Lunch & Networking

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