The government’s recent decision to ban two highest-denomination notes has not only sparked a cash crunch but also forced many people to rely more digital transactions. But going digital requires a strong broadband network. So, how robust is India’s broadband infrastructure and coverage?

A report by audit and consulting firm Deloitte, along with industry body FICCI and the Department of Telecommunications, shows that the number of broadband users in India has surged in recent years. 

Still, India lags far behind many other countries in terms of parameters such as user base, broadband speed, percentage of people using the Internet and deployment of fibre optic network.

Take speed, for instance. A broadband connection in India should have a minimum speed of 512 Kbps whereas in the US it is 25 Mbps.

“We are at a nascent stage of broadband growth in India,” the report said. “And even though our mobile broadband subscribers have increased by two-and-a-half times over the last two years, India’s broadband growth story is beginning to unfold.”

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