Capital Circle Dialogues: How Ideaspring Capital is curating & driving value for Worxogo in their growth journey, beyond just investment

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  • 16 Sep 2021

In the first episode of “Capital Circle Dialogue” in partnership with VC Circle, Jaideep Mehta, CEO of Mosaic Digital and Head of Mint, discusses with Naganand Doraswamy, Managing Partner & Founder of Ideaspring Capital and Sudha Bhamidipati, Co-Founder at Worxogo—how Ideaspring Capital is curating & driving value for Worxogo in their growth journey, beyond just investment. 

Given the sea change in the ecosystem today, the top agenda across leadership is to build resilient businesses for the longer term. And this is creating a whole different paradigm of competition for varying levels of profitability and completely new dimensions of growth. In such a scenario, how are they really examining the start-up journey, how they're partnering together, what the future looks like, and indeed, what role Microsoft is playing and helping them along.

Said Sudha Bhamidipati, “Worxogo is an AI company that focuses on improving sales productivity for the entire sales team. It’s based on behavioural science principles.” She further added, "Cloud enables you to do any amount of analytics, and AI is the driving capability answering everything from what, how, to why."


Said Naganand Doraswamy, “We generally look at the partners' passion, domain expertise, their capabilities to build the company, willingness to sustain it for 4 to 6 years to partner with an organisation and their journey."

Jaydeep further asked what's exciting about the Microsoft programme. Naganand said, " Microsoft takes us to the customers both Indian & global, they provide us capabilities, migration ability, and architecture support." 

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