Capital Circle Dialogues Episode 2

By Team Brand Solutions

  • 14 Dec 2021

In the second episode of “Capital Circle Dialogue", in partnership with VCCircle, Jaideep Mehta, CEO of Mosaic Digital and Head of Mint, discussed with Puneet Jaggi, Founder, Prescinto Technologies and Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder at Inflection Point Ventures. The discussion was around the importance of clean tech to our civilization, how the world of data applies to cleantech, and how this sector is poised for disruption with greener energy sources.

Given the sea change in the ecosystem today, the top agenda across leadership is to build resilient businesses for the longer term. And this is creating a whole different paradigm of competition for varying levels of profitability and completely new dimensions of growth. In such a scenario, how cloud platforms are helping in enabling cleantech, how IPs are going beyond finance & supporting startups, what makes them different from VCs. Last but least, how has that benefited your company as part of the Microsoft startup ecosystem.

Said Puneet Jaggi, “Solar & Wind technology is the new disrupter. At Prescinto, we collect data from both solar & wind projects, get them to the cloud, use cloud abilities, run our data science & AI models on them to gain insights and understand to improve generation. This sector is gathering more and more pace & momentum. YoY investment = $400 billions minimum. By 2030 = 50% of the entire energy mix will be powered by renewable energy, largely solar and wind."


Said Mitesh Shah, “ Future = Clean-tech. Azure = indispensable tool for an early-stage startup, Partners like Microsoft = God Gift."

Jaideep further asked what's exciting about the Microsoft program. Puneet said, " Microsoft helps us to develop a go-to-market faster globally, thanks to familiarity and deep penetration across the world. They provide us capabilities, migration ability, and architecture support." 

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