Bangalore India’s most forgetful city, finds Uber index

India’s IT capital Bangalore is the country’s most forgetful city, followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, says an index released by taxi-hailing firm Uber Technologies.

Unsurprisingly, 31 December 2016 and the week of 26 December turned out to be the day and week, respectively, when most items were reported missing.

The most common day to report a lost item in India was Saturday, followed by Friday and Sunday.

While the most commonly forgotten objects are phones, rings, chargers and sunglasses, even bullet-proof vests, potted plants, pool sticks and puppies were reported lost.

Uber on Thursday introduced its Lost & Found Index, which lists items riders frequently leave behind on their trips.

“Everyone has experienced that moment of panic when you realise you forgot a personal item. To acknowledge...forgetful riders, and to prepare for mercury falling into retrograde in just over a week, we’ve created The Uber Lost & Found Index,” said, Christian Freese, general manager, Bangalore, Uber India.

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