One is often left thinking when very large companies are found to be built upon very simple business models. And NetAmbit is one such case. The company sells financial products on telephone. And this is perhaps the only company that has met with success while doing it. What NetAmbit does is nothing unique. It simply caters to a market which is fairly known (growing middle-class population, to be precise), the offerings include easily available third party financial services products and the mode of operation is tele-selling. So what makes it different from other and most importantly, successful? The expertise lies in the marketing and sales machinery that the company has now built. According to its founder Girish Batra, NetAmbit can actually "sell anything now." It has pioneered the art of non-affinity marketing or reaching out to a cold base of people, without any prior knowledge of their behaviour and preferences. Batra calls it a 'hub and spoke' model where calls are made out of call centres (both regional and national) which essentially act as marketing hubs. In a bid to scale up and grow, NetAmbit has already raised three rounds of private capital. The financial services distribution company has recently raised Rs 50 crore in a mix of equity and debt as its third round of funding from Helion Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners and SVB India Finance. It currently employs 5,000 people and has presence across 150 cities. In an exclusive video interview with VCCircle, Batra, founder and managing director of the company, takes you through the secrets of successfully building the organisation and details the expansion plans ahead.

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