In the sixth episode of TC Show Off, a weekly video show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, the core USP etc., Getit Bazaar showcases how it enables SMEs to sell their products to a wider audience. Basically, the company provides a platform where SMEs can open their own online shops for free, manage catalogues and process transactions.

Kiran Murthi, its co-founder said that it is not only aiming at helping SMEs reach the 12 million people who are buying online, but also 900 million who are accessible on their mobile phones, 200 million who are using the internet and 65 million who are live on social networking sites.

“It’s easy. Users can simply order by dialling at our customer care number or take their pick from our Facebook stores, besides the e-platforms that we help the SMEs create,” said Murthi.

Bootstrapped about a year ago, the company has 10,000 shops live on the platform across 80 cities. Murthi claims that the platform’s infrastructure is capable of allowing about 60 lakh SMEs to transact with 90 crore buyers. Unlike traditional e-commerce players where sellers pay a certain per cent of the transaction, Getit Bazaar charges a flat fee of Rs 100 per transaction.

However, there are many players in the e-store enabling space including Build A Bazaar, KartRocket, Zepo and now Shopify is entering the Indian market.

Shailesh Vickram Singh, executive director, Seedfund Advisors finds this market very interesting as India has a vast offline SME landscape. In his view, the main issue in this space is creating a healthy eco-system of enough themes and designs so that the e-store looks attractive as this could determine their traffic.

“Rather than focusing on providing the delivery module, warehouse and support, the startups in this space should focus on delivering a good software,” he said.

Watch the video for more.

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