In the 41st episode of TC Show Off, a weekly initiative that provides startups a platform to showcase their businesses, Semusi Pte Ltd co-founder Ravi Datanwala talks about how his firm enables developers to build applications that learn, personalise and engage with users.

The Mumbai-based company claims that its solutions can enable multiple app owners to track effectiveness of acquisition channels while monitoring factors such as engagement, churn, retention and overall monetisation. It uses a patented machine learning algorithm to decipher real time context and behaviour patterns of app users.

“Our platform provides complete app-to-app life-cycle management to developers so that they can track consumers right from 'install' to engagement to 'uninstall' on a single platform itself,” Datanwala, who has worked with Microsoft and Dell before, said.

Datanwala has also held senior positions at WebEngage, CMS Infosystems Pvt. Ltd and Quest Software. He started Software Enables Machine Understanding of Sensory Intent or SEMUSI with Microsoft colleagues Tarun Anand and Dilip Mistry in 2012.

“We can also detect inefficient spend and fraud in the user acquisition system. Another advantage is that we tell app owners how they can attract users with more personalised messaging,” said Anand, who is the CTO of the firm.

The company aims to pursue a subscription- based monetisation model with app developers.

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