TC Show Off Ep 36: Make a compelling elevator pitch with StartEZ!

By VCC Staff

  • 19 Jun 2015

In the 36th episode of TC Show Off, a weekly initiative that provides startups a platform to showcase their businesses, StartEZ co-founder Swapnil Gawade talks about his firm’s tools which help entrepreneurs in building a compelling elevator pitch.

The Pune-based startup, which aims to help young firms with the nuts and bolts of their business, also connects entrepreneurs with relevant investors.

Its first tool is called Elevator Pitch Builder. (An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive summary used to spark interest in what a firm does).


Gavade claims that in the last one month of its inception, the firm has received 170 elevator pitch requests from across the world. StartEZ says that the tool can diagnose a company’s readiness level and build its business model

“As entrepreneurs we all understand the challenges we face during our journey. So if we look at the current market of startups in general, there are 100 million businesses that are formed in the world every year. If such tools and resources were to be valued, then it is a $9 billion market that we are looking at,” Gavade said.

The company asks a basic set of question to every entrepreneur for understanding its position in customer and product development process. Only then it assists in preparation of the elevator pitch.


This bootstrapped StartEZ is currently being incubated at the National Chemical Laboratory’s Venture Centre in Pune. StartEZ also offers startup resources and knowledge from global entrepreneurship experts.

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