TC Show Off Ep 28: How AllizHealth aims to transform healthcare in India from curative care to preventive care

By VCC Staff

  • 02 Apr 2015

In the 28th episode of TC Show Off, a weekly show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, USPs, etc, Pune-based AllizHealth’s sales and marketing director Dhairya Gupta showcased how the company aims to transform healthcare in India from curative care to preventive care.

It is catering to the B2B segment. The solutions are targeted at healthcare companies, hospitals as well as diagnostic centres, schools and manufacturing firms.

It engages with clients using an internal health risk assessment tool and builds a personalised health profile based on the personal as well as family’s data. The client can see the predictable analysis to determine preventives measures and opt for health packages.


Currently, it has data of about 10,000 students across five schools and is building a portal specific to manufacturing industry. It has tied up with clinics in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

It generates revenue by providing information to healthcare providers and health insurance companies through a licensing and perusal model.

The startup was co-founded by Chinmoy Mishra (who previously worked with HealthAsyst Pvt. Ltd and Infosys), Gaurav Vij (previously worked with Nitor Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Infosys and Fiserv Global Services) and Dhairya Gupta (previously with IBM).


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