Startups accelerating growth & revenue via Oracle program: India applications open
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Oracle is set to launch the next phase of its accelerator program, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, with applications now open for the next cohorts in India and Singapore. Oracle’s startup program aims to bring about better strategic and knowledge-sharing alliances among tech startups and ecosystem titans through sharing of innovative technologies and Oracle’s vast global resources.

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program

At the helm of the program is Oracle’s SVP Reggie Bradford, an entrepreneur with a glorious track record and dedicated to create a next-generation acceleration initiative for startups worldwide. Launched on April 2016 at India’s own Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, the program aims to fuel the growth of promising startups. The program has commissioned nine global destinations since 2016: Austin, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Paris, Bristol, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Singapore.

Bradford’s renown grew after he had successfully rolled out three companies without being groomed through incubators or accelerators. Drawing inspiration from this success, he had resolved to develop a global ecosystem where startups would interact with Oracle, its customers and businesses, which have registered phenomenal niche growth. The ecosystem has been devised to ensure palpable growth for all concerning incremental revenues and expanding business territories.

Bradford commented recently, “The first cohorts included tremendously talented startups creating innovative new products in areas ranging from e-payments to artificial intelligence. We look forward to working with more emerging companies in this thriving startup region, and are dedicated to continuing to build an ecosystem of co-development and co-innovation where startups, customers, and Oracle can all win.”

The program has been successful in turbocharging 25 startups since being flagged off in India. The forthcoming edition would be the 4th cohort for Bengaluru and 2nd for Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore.

Each cohort spans six months and will consist of five shortlisted startups.

Oracle has been leveraging cloud technology with a three-layered approach consisting of Saas, PaaS, and IaaS. The program would provide startups with needful access to technological services, platforms and infrastructure while fast-tracking their market entry by interfacing with Oracle customers, enthusiastic investors and giving co-working space.

The glaring advantage of the program is engagement opportunities with Oracle’s 430,000 customers, giving startups a path to grow their business revenue and reference customers. Additionally, renowned mentors would groom startups through tailored courses. Complimentary cloud credits would be made available and Oracle takes no equity—it’s a pay-it-forward model.

Benefits of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program

Oracle’s R&D team leads the program and interfaces startups with its global customer base and product teams. Co-innovation and co-development would foster scaling, revenue generation and enlightenment through mentorship for startups at an unprecedented level. Nexus Edge from the Sao Paulo program is a testament to the potential of this program. Nexus Edge was able to generate US$ 500k in revenues from new leads generated during the six month program.

Indian startups who had participated in previous program editions have already completed the migration of core solutions and environment to Oracle Cloud after building their flagship platforms. Oracle enables integration of startup APIs with Oracle’s APIs of Core Banking, Retail, Life Sciences, HCM Cloud, and much more.

Jitesh Nagaria, Founder and CEO of doLoop Tech says, “Partnering with Oracle and adopting Oracle Cloud has greatly advanced our business, allowing us to convey our product story to our clients, as Oracle is one of the largest health and life sciences product company.”

Startups have succeeded in expanding their outreach to promising offshore markets, allowing them to scale globally. The program encompasses cutting-edge techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning. etc. and appeals to various industry verticals.

“Startups are like complex jigsaw puzzles, where many oddly shaped pieces have to all fall in place for the startup to succeed. Oracle brings in some of the most critical pieces in the puzzle like best-in-breed cloud technology and enterprise customer connects”, says Harshad Oak, Director, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator.

Application process

The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program aims at providing a fertile playground for fresh technology venture capitalists who wish to penetrate large uncharted or existing niche markets. Such companies have their business blueprints well chalked out but need access to technologies and co-working space to flourish. The application process is also open to founding teams that have been collaborating with each other for a minimum of six months.

Interested startups can apply for the program in the forthcoming cohorts of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator till 7th June (Bengaluru), 14th June (New Delhi), 21st June (Mumbai) and 28th June (Singapore). To learn more or apply, please visit the website.

Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem

Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem is a non-residential, virtual-style program intended at empowering entrepreneurs to up-scale their ventures to high-growth mode. Customized guidance from experts would help in mitigating risk prospects and expedite migration from existing platforms to Oracle Cloud.

Entrepreneurs will get the free credits for leveraging Oracle Cloud for IaaS and PaaS. Oracle Scaleup has the strategic blend of support infrastructure and visionary mentorship which would help venture capital firms, private equity funds, accelerators or other startup endeavours to steer their ambitious projects convincingly. Co-development and co-innovation across the startups, customers and Oracle is a primary advantage.

Accelerators like Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program are the catalysts for bringing Indian startup ecosystem at par with global counterparts.

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