The private equity investment he started with $100 million a decade ago has paid rich dividends with the value of total assets he's invested in going up to around $900 million, says entrepreneur, investor and politician Rajeev Chandrasekhar. The year June 2005 was a turning point in Chandrasekhar’s career; he sold his telecom venture BPL Mobile for around a billion dollar, floated the PE firm Jupiter Capital and was also, elected to the upper house of Indian parliament Rajya Sabha.

This Illinois Institute of Technology and Harvard-educated technologist who was part of Intel’s Pentium chip design team now focusses on his political career while his portfolio of investments is sitting pretty.

In this exclusive interaction with VCCircle Chandrasekhar discusses his political career, private equity investments, his interests in media properties and his views on consumer internet. “Politics and investing are two different animals,” he says. According to him, in politics it takes much longer to make an impact. “Investments are not necessarily like that. I don’t wait around for nine years for an investment (to turn profitable),” he says. Watch the video for more.

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