Global Technology Investment Group (GTI), a New York based private equity firm, has invested in day care surgery center chain Nova Medical Centers India. The private equity firm will invest around $50-60 million to set up centers across the country. The firm has opened its first facility in Bangalore.

Day care surgery centres carry out non-critical procedures like cosmetic, eye, gynecology, etc. Experts believe that approximately 70% of the surgeries carried out in hospitals can be done in day-care centres. Nova plans to have 100 centers across the country in the next three years, said CEO Suresh Soni in a release. Dr. Mahesh Reddy is also one of the founders, board members and director of operations for Nova Medical.

Nova plans to partner with physicians to open up centres. Nova will give a stake of upto 35% to surgeons and doctors as incentive to attract more talent. Such a strategy will also help it scale rapidly across the country.

Each facility will have doctor's facilities, pathology labs, pharmacy, operating rooms and imaging with around 30 physicians.

"We provide physicians everything with what they need to get started and succeed. We know how to control costs while maintaining superior quality and efficiency, and we continously work to improve each centres performance and patient experience," said Soni.

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