Solar power firm Cobol Technologies (owned by Deepak and Ratul Puri of Moser Baer), has raised $30 million(Rs 151 crore) from Pangea Capital. Bermuda-based Pangea is a mid-sized fund house with total assets under management in excess of $100 million.

The investment in Cobol has been made through Pangea Emerging Infrastructure Fund, which targets both listed and unlisted Indian infrastructure companies. It invests in companies engaged in sectors such as energy, oil & gas, roads, ports and telecom. Besides this Pangea also has an emerging markets focused fund called Pangea Emerging Markets Fund and Pangea Alternative Fund.

According to an application submitted to foreign investment promotion board(FIPB), the top government body which clears foreign investment into the country, Cobol has raised the funds through the issue of fully convertible debentures (FCDs) to Pangea in three tranches. The

FCDs are compulsorily convertible into equity shares by March 31, 2012.

The agreement between the two firms say that the number of equity shares to be issued after conversion of the FCDs to Pangea shall not exceed 49% stake in Cobol. Moser Baer chairman and managing director Deepak Puri and executive director Ratul Puri own 50% each of the solar power firm.

The firm, started in August 2007, operates in the area of electricity generation and distribution and is currently setting up a 5 mega-watt (MW) solar power project in Uttar Pradesh. This marks an expansion of business in the non-conventional power sector for Deepak Puri and Ratul Puri whose flagship company Moser Baer has also branched out in solar photovoltaic business. Moser Baer has outlined plans to invest $3.2 billion in the solar business and is also setting up a solar power project in Rajasthan, which is expected to become the largest grid-connected solar farm in India.

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