Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara Technologies, believes that the Indian mobile gaming industry is entering a golden period. He is of the view that the next 300 million customers will shape the future of gaming in the country.

Agarwal believes that mobile gaming in India will mirror growth of the e-commerce industry. While the last three-four years belonged to e-commerce, the next three-four years will be big for gaming in this country, he said in an interaction with Techcircle.

Agarwal also highlights various revenue models adopted by companies and Nazara's approach in dissecting the market on basis of consumer behavior. 

Given the huge potential of gaming in India, the mobile entertainment company is keen to invest in firms that have a strong 'proof of concept' "Nazara will focus on first time mobile gamers, we will look at very simple and very casual mobile games which will not be very sexy or cool to a pro-gamer. We will make games which are culturally relevant to India," he says.

Agarwal was the chief of Reliance Games before joining Nazara as CEO in June. 

He has over 16 years of experience in digital, consumer marketing and mobile gaming. 

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