IT Transformation Master Class

The disruptive impact of Digital Transformation is being felt across industries and organizations, leading to the emergence of the "Digital Economy".

Organizations have started using digital technologies in ways they had never anticipated before. It is very clear to us now that Digital Transformation and IT Transformation are the two sides of the same coin. One cannot be truly successful without the other creating a digital highway that enables business & digital transformation for enterprises.

Innovations driven by digital technologies are expected to bring about unprecedented business transformation, representing the biggest industry shakeout since the Industrial Revolution.

With latest inventions & innovations that are happening, it’s time to leverage, time to transform and time to realize that we are just not here to survive but have moved to the front. We are now the business.

As CIOs & tech leaders key question remains unanswered “How do we become future ready?”

This requires leaders such as yourself to master the art of transformation. What better than actually learning from practitioners who have multi-decade of experience across geographies, sectors and industries.

First of its kind "IT Transformation Masterclass" for IT Leaders in tube conversation with Manish Gupta , Paul Henaghan, Alex Lei & Rajesh Natarajan.
Conversations were strategically driven around:-

  • Modern Digital Infrastructure and its key tenets
  • Blueprint of successful migration and its implications
  • Software Defined is the new normal
  • Return on investments with being future ready architecture/platforms

In this masterclass, we will take you through the journey that enables businesses to become more agile and undergo transformation by growing beyond legacy technologies via streamlining operations to support digital initiatives.

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