The startup world has seen the entry of a number of women entrepreneurs. But how easy has the journey been for them?

At the recently concluded Techcircle Startup 2016 summit, three women entrepreneurs spoke about how they have navigated the male-dominated startup ecosystem. Moderated by Raju Narisetti, senior vice president, strategy, News Corp (the parent of VCCircle), the panel discussion titled ‘Women Entrepreneurship and Startups: Will women lead the next set of unicorns?’, saw Durga Raghunath, co-founder and CEO, Juggernaut, Anu Sridharan, co-founder and CEO, NextDrop and Zoya Brar, founder and managing director, CORE Diagnostics, talk about the hurdles they had to overcome to reach where they are today, their role models or the lack of them, and how entrepreneurs need to engage in genuine conversations with their female employees to ensure gender diversity in the workplace. As Raghunath puts it, male founders are naturally allowed to commit their life to their startups, stay back late, work 24 hours on their ideas, but not women. So how do women entrepreneurs play it?

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