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Flipkart May Acquire VC-backed Bollywood Site Chakpak

25 October, 2011

After acquiring book recommendation engine WeRead by Lulu and digital music firm Mallers, Inc., Flipkart Online Services Pvt Ltd might be making yet another acquisition. Techcircle.in has learnt that Flipkart is in discussions to acquire Chakpak.com, a Bollywood news portal backed by Accel Partners and Canaan Partners.

Chakpak.com offers news, updates, photos and videos of Bollywood celebrities. Founded in 2007 by Gaurav Singh Kushwaha and Nitin Rajput, Bangalore-based Chakpak Media raised its seed round of funding from Erasmic Ventures (which is now Accel Partners India), and its second round from Canaan Partners and Accel Partners India in December 2008.

However, Accel Partners’ Subrata Mitra, who is on the board of both Flipkart and Chakpak, declined to comment on the acquisition.

The site had five million unique visitors per month as of 2008 but not much has been heard from it since. In fact, there have been no updates on its Twitter handle and Facebook page since June 2011. The site is being monetised through advertising but plans to add more revenue streams – through merchandising and paid downloads of movies – do not appear to have taken off. Chakpak competes with various other Bollywood portals such as  Bollywood Hungama by Hungama Digital Entertainment, Santabanta.com, Galatta.com, IBN Live’s movie channel (previously Buzz18), E24Bollywood and MyPopKorn by Digital Media Convergence Ltd.

Flipkart is one of India’s fastest growing e-commerce sites, selling books, handsets, consumer electronics, movie DVDs, etc. After raising a total of $31 million so far from Tiger Global Management LLC and Accel Partners, the company is now looking to acquire firms to complement its current service offerings. It is also raising between $150 million and $200 million from private equity firms Carlyle and General Atlantic, according to a Reuters report. Flipkart expects to cross $100 million in revenue this year.

While some say that Accel Partners, who also backs Flipkart, might be behind this acquisition, others in the industry believe that Flipkart may have a long-term strategy to build a digital entertainment business, leveraging synergies of its acquisitions. Flipkart is also building an online music store on the lines of Mallers’ Manoramic.com, which was shut down last year. The company is also investing in scaling up its music CD and DVD store with the help of Mallers’ team. With a community revolving around music and movies, an entertainment foray via the acquisition of a site like Chakpak.com can supplement its existing e-commerce business. 


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Flipkart Acquires Digital Content From Bollywood News Site Chakpak.com

Flipkart Acquires Digital Content From Bollywood News Site Chakpak.com

Preethi J. 7 years ago
Flipkart.com has struck another deal in India – Chakpak.com, a Bollywood news...
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Trivone Digital Services acquires WheelsUnplugged and Chakpak

Nandana Das 6 years ago
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Canaan Partners Invests In Bollywood Portal, Chakpak.com

Canaan Partners Invests In Bollywood Portal, Chakpak.com

Ruchika Sharma 9 years ago
It’s a boomtime investment during a slowdown. Bollywood portal Chakpak.com...
SG . 6 years ago

Looking at the similar backgrounds of both companies’ founders (IITD – Amazon), this seems to be a people acquisition move.

In any case, I think that a large ECommerce business wouldn’t need Chakpak.com to bolster their entry into digital goods.

Tintin . 6 years ago

What’s this supposed to be? VCs getting rid of their duds?

SG . 6 years ago

I guess I would mark this up to things which VCs do 🙂

Doesnt look like a acqui-hire too. Gaurav Kushwaha has already moved on to another startup.

Vicky Sajnani . 6 years ago

Agree with SG and Tintin…. flipkart can create content then why buy out company like chakpak….. I guess its to bail out the other and take over the labour force..so that they dont lose jobs.

Flipkart May Acquire VC-backed Bollywood Site Chakpak

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