Capital Circle Dialogues Episode 3

By Team Brand Solutions

  • 31 Jan 2022

In the third episode of “Microsoft Capital Circle Dialogue” in partnership with VCCircle, we discussed— the role of AI in the digital ecosystem, the role of hyperscalers such as Microsoft in the development of the start-up ecosystem, and what does 100X.VC look for in founders? Our guest speakers are Ninad Karpe, Partner, 100X.VC, Dr. Jyoti Joshi, CEO & Co-Founder, Kroop AI, and Jaideep Mehta, CEO- Mosaic Digital, & Head-Mint. 

Artificial intelligence is not just gaining traction in our everyday conversation. But it's becoming more and more real. And this is creating a whole different paradigm of competition for varying levels of profitability, completely new dimensions of growth, and most importantly, helping start-ups resolve tomorrow's problem seamlessly. 

Dr. Jyoti Joshi said, “Kroop AI is a deep tech start-up that generates synthetic data for the different use cases. They have a multimodal explainable, deep fake detector that aims to project a reality and uncover falsified information.” She further highlighted, “Current focus areas: Audio, Video & Image.”

Ninad Karpe said, “We look for companies that solve problems for tomorrow. There will be only 2 types of companies in the future: Hyperscalers and one that doesn't scale at all. Without technology, scale is not possible." He further added, “We are a discovery platform. Our DNA: our willingness to take the risk."

Jaydeep further asked about the role of Microsoft in building a company like Kroop AI. Dr. Jyoti said, " Hyperscalers such as Microsoft help us to bring ideas into a product form. They help us to pursue dreams, passion, and ideas. " 

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